SSR next August

Tell me more?
wheres the best place to request, we have 4 children, Yes we are hiring a car.
What are the pools like? I have looked on Youtube and was quite impressed.
How long does it take to walk to DTD.
thanks Guys

I’m sorry you didn’t get a response on thie @Ajmills. I’m going to bump this, and maybe someone who knows more than I do will see it. I don’t know much about SSR. I looked up the travel times in the 2015 Unofficial Guide, so I can at least answer that question. It looks like having a car will be a big benefit at SSR.

These are door-to-door commuting times from SSR. The first number is the average time in minutes. The number in ( ) is the maximum time.

To Magic Kingdom: Your Car 38 (48) Disney Bus 25 (41)
To Epcot: Your Car 18 (23) Disney Bus 29 (43)
To Hollywood Studios: Your Car 20 (24) Disney Bus 31 (45)
To Animal Kingdom: Your Car 21 (22) Disney Bus 36 (49)
To Typhoon Lagoon: Your Car 9 (10) Disney Bus 24 (35)
To Downtown Disney: Your Car 6 (7) Disney Bus 29 (44)
To Blizzard Beach: Your Car 16 (17) Disney Bus 34 (49)

To be close to DTD request Congress Park section as close to walking bridge as possible.

Hi Sally, whilst not helping much, we are staying at SSR next August too! We are a family of 5 and booked it after we visited the resort during our 2013 vacation. It looks nice. We were a bit worried about the transport times but the extra space is the trade off.

I hope you have a great trip @jabolt!