SSR...did we make the right choice? Second guessing slow buses

So we were originally at POR and switched to SSR when a military discount came available. I was really excited until I started reading about the transportation…and how slow it is.
So did we make the right choice?? We wont be going back to the resort for afternoon breaks as its an adult only trip. How early are we going to have to get on the bus to make a rope drop at say MK?? Is it really that much slower than other bus only resorts?? We have stayed at AoA, POP and POR and had no complaints about buses.
Give me the good, bad and ugly!!

I believe the feedback is based on the internal buses. If you have stayed at POR you have experience with that! Plus…, you can walk to DS!

No these were park buses. My friend just messaged me and said they waited over 30 minutes today for a bus. Not really what I want to hear :confused: We have never waited that long. Maybe we have just been lucky.

We stayed in SSR in January and I was super impressed with the busses. We had a group of 17 and only twice when coming home with the crowds at the end of the nights did we wait for a bus. We requested to stay in The Grandstand based on a friends advice and we LOVED being the first on the bus when going to the parks, and the first off at night. I didn’t hear a single complaint from anyone in the group about transportation and I was hyper aware of any criticisms as I booked everything for the family.

I’m new to these here forums so hopefully this isn’t too rambly or incoherent. :slight_smile:


You do have a point about being first on and first off. So many have suggested Springs or Paddock but what you are saying makes sense.

Another perk of The Grandstand was when we watched the bus pulling away from our stop as we had just missed it, we were able to walk to the last stop at SSR and still catch that same bus.


That IS a good tip!!! Thanks!

welcome to forums @PJHolmes!!! sorry, nothing to add except have a great trip @momtwofour!!!

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We stayed at SSR once in the Springs area, which is what I would suggest. However, we found the bus service to be maddening, and have not stayed there again. The only other spot that we found was worse, was the Caribbean Resort.

Crowded buses are based on the time of year and the number of guests at the resorts. From our experience with Disney buses, the key is to find out which bus stop is the first bus stop. We stay at Old Key West Resort. Regardless what area we stay we always walk to the first bus stop. You’ll be guaranteed a seat and never have to worry about a full bus coming to your stop. We’ve been on full buses that will bypass the other stops and go straight to the park. This might have been the case with your friend who waited 30 minutes, since it’s a busy time of year at DW. This was an issue years ago at POR. Either way, I suggest you get to the bus stop early early until you figure out the routine. I’d rather wait in front of MK for 30 minutes than wait at a bus stop for 15 minutes.

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My general opinion on busses is that they are to be avoided whenever possible, but if you can’t/won’t afford to stay at one of the deluxe or villa resorts that minimizes them then SSR is the place to be. When you can get a deluxe (or better) resort at a moderate price then I say the extra little bit of time (30 minutes waiting for a bus is unusual at any resort unless the weather is terrible, so the only extra is going to be 5-10 minutes of travel around the larger resort… not really a huge difference over a moderate) is definitely worth it.

I’m not sure if they’d pick you up right at your door, or if you’d need to get to a landmark, but an Uber to the Contemporary (and then just walk down the path to MK) shouldn’t cost that much, even with surge pricing so that could be an option just for those really early mornings.

We’ve stayed at SSR before. I think that the buses were plentiful during “peak” times - to the parks in the mornings and home from the parks in the evenings. We waited longer for buses when trying to go back for a mid-day break. I don’t think that this is unique to SSR, in our experience. We agree with previous posts, in that we found a hidden gem in the Grandstand section, in the building closest to the main building. If you do have a car there, consider driving to AK, EP, or HS, especially if you would like to take a mid-day break. We also tried a cab to CR on a 7:00 am opening at MK, and it worked out well. Good luck.

Thank you! We aren’t planning on taking any breaks back at the resort. It’s an over 21 trip as my son calls it lol so we will just find somewhere to sit in the parks and relax if we need to. So mid day buses shouldn’t be an issue.
It’s good to hear all the positives!

I think it’s important to note that bus service isn’t specific to any resort. All the buses are dispatched from a central location, and it isn’t as if every resort has its own fleet of buses that it can control. All resorts have the same issues with bus service from time to time. We’ve stayed at several resorts and haven’t seen a significant difference in bus service at any of them. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s slow. So it isn’t really fair to attribute poor bus service to any one resort, when they have absolutely no control over it. I do agree that the Grandstand is a great choice for SSR - first on and first off, so you’re almost guaranteed a seat even on a busy morning, and you’ll be the first ones dropped off at the end of a long day when all you want to do is get to your room