SSR Accommodations Suggestions

We are coming in on July 17, 2017 for 3 nights in preferred Deluxe studio resort. Does anyone have a room recommendation? We want to be close to the food area, lobby, and bus stop? I don’t think noise is issue at least, I hope not . I just want to be close to those areas, if possible . Thank you for any input .

Sorry,mI cannot help but will you report back how you liked the resort after your stay and where you stayed? I have 3 nights booked Labor Day weekend .

Thank you for your response @PrincipalTinker! I will definitely post about stay when we return! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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We were at the back of SSR. We were in a studio on the first floor. We were not near food but steps from the quiet pool and bus stop.

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We are staying there in September as well! Would love all the info I can get!


Preferred is Springs and Congress Park section. I believe Springs is closer to the lobby and pool. Congress Park is closer to Disney Springs.

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Are you booked preferred or standard @PrincipalTinker? We stayed in Paddock section last year and loved it! We were close to the Paddock pool and 2 bus stops. Disney Springs was about a 15-20 minute walk. The lobby area was about a 5 minute walk from our room. We were in one of the buildings at the end of the bridge next to the pool.


I booked as a free dining promo. When you book with cash there is not a preferred category . I know that there is through DVC. I will be interested in what choices I have when I do online check in.


Love SSR! Grandstand - think had 3201. Top floor and corner room. Grandstand is first stop/drop off and a 5 minute walk to centre. Room view was golf course and a tiny balcony. Trees in the way so you could get a better view but we wanted upper floor and first pick up. If you just miss a bus walk to the centre, by the pool and meet it.

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Will definitely update when we return . Thank You for replying!

Just following up we stayed in the Springs area and it was very nice and convenient to bus, food area, pool, and we loved our room . We stayed in room 4123 with a gorgeous view.


That is pretty! Did you walk to Disney Springs?

We did. We walked there twice . We are big time walkers anyway. It was not bad at all . Very beautiful and of course at night they do have someone out to warn about alligators crossing possibly.


Omg PrincipalTinker… thank you for this! I had to switch to SS to get the RO discount and was told nothing about preferred or standard rooms and couldn’t figure out why. Thank you for clearing this up for me!!!

I did online check in this weekend fir my Labor Day trip. I am hoping for Congress Park since I plan on using Uber most days and I want to be as close to DS as possible! I am really looking forward to this stay!

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Do you happen to remember the options they gave you when doing online check in?

I knew I should have screen shot it! There were two options. The first option included every area (that is when I picked Congress Park). The second option had choices like: ground floor, upper floor, pool view, maybe close to lobby or bus? I picked Congress Park/Upper floor (I have a thing for balconies).

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@PT, we booked w/ cash for our early July stay and didn’t think we had a category, but I called to clarify and we were standard. I could have upgraded to preferred for another $500 or so (politely declined). I had Congress Park and Springs as choices with online check in, so thought that was confusing. We ended up w/ room 5235 at Paddock and loved it.

Did you make a request? The preferred is new for DVC this year but when I booked it was not a cash option. Interesting, I see it now is.

Your post bothered me so I just re-Che led my reservation. It does not say standard or preferred. I would never make a request for a room that I did not pay for but it just says: 1 bedroom villa