Squeezing in one more day at Universal/IOA. What should we experience?

We spent 3 days at the parks in October, and will be back in town in December with 1 day left on our pass. We’ll be staying on-site with unlimited express pass, so lines aren’t an issue.

We know what rides we want to hit, but are there any things we should try to “experience,” that we may have missed while focused so much on rides and shows?

Hard to say without knowing what you’ve done in the past. However, at our next trip, I plan to spend some time taking in Port of Entry. We always rush through it to get to the first attraction, but after listening to UUOP’s episode and reading the Six Reasons column, I really want to properly check it out.

Do things you KNOW you are specifically missed. At least walk by them and do a yes / no. Who knows you may find a new ride. We walked past the spinner in Springfield (think it is something like KLANGS whirl and hurl) - it was SO MUCH fun. Yes a simple spinner ride - but the theming was fun it was just a silly experience.

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Did you have an AP? I am trying to figure out how your tickets did not expire? Do they have other tickets that last months?

4 day military. Expires 12/31.

Sorry, but is it different than the ones listed here http://www.militarydisneytips.com/blog/universal-military-discounts/universal-orlando-2017-military-discounted-3-day-park-to-park-ticket-offer/?

I’ll check out the column. We literally rode every ride multiple times. We saw a parade, met characters, did the makeup show, and pet show.

We will skip those 2 shows, Shrek, Poseidon this time. If terminator was still open, we’d skip it too. Might allow more time at port of entry, and a lot more time in HP lands.

Will make it a point to catch grinchmas and the projector show on hogwarts.

The kids want more time at the Jurassic Park playground, will work that into a break for us!

Does the box that says they need to be used within 7 days not apply?

If you didn’t do Celestina Warbeck, Tales of Beedle the Bard, Frog Choir, or Tri-Wizard Spirit Rally, I’d say they’re all worth doing at least once (and some more than once!).

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Not sure where you see that. It specifically says “use any 4 days before dec 31, 2017.”

Thanks. That stuff is on the list for time in HP-land. Kids are 9,7 and 5 so their attention will drive a lot of our choices lol. For instance, they’ll want to spend an hour shooting balls at Curiuos George!

I see it here


Says right on the ticket, which I am looking at, “VALID ANY 4 DAYS BEFORE EXPIRATION.”
Expires in full 12/31/2017

Plus, we asked when we were there in October.

Hope this clears it up for you.

Thanks, I am reading that differently and I am glad you asked.

Did your kids go in olivanders and watch the mini show in there

If not that’s worth doing early

Also ice cream in HP world is so tasty

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We didn’t do that, because I wasn’t interested in buying a wand… (I went to the UK earlier and already “invested” in magical souvenirs.) We plan on spending a lot more time doing Harry Potter stuff this go round. We were so focused on rides last time, we didn’t stop and smell the roses very much.

We’ll probably try a butterbeer, but I am 100% sure our kids will not like it.

You don’t have to buy a wand

It’s a show and they pick kids to be part of it

If you get in there first thing your kids may be the only ones in there and get to be stars of the show

No obligation to buy the wand that chooses them!!


I have to agree with the “wand show” we didn’t buy a wand either - however if you have the extra time it is well worth doing. It is fun, and a much more intimate experience (maybe 20 people). The “wizards” are WAY into it and it is well done. It is a fun experience. only one person of the group gets picked, you can opt out if picked and you don’t need to purchase if you are picked.

Our kids LOVED the butterbeer - but everyone is different. It is exactly as you would expect it to taste. We got both the ice cream (which I liked better) but we all split a beer. Universal kicked wand on HP!!

I am aware you don’t have to buy a wand. But I chose to not hear “ please please please” all day lol.

I’m borrowing an interactive wand for this trip!