Spur of the moment trip doable?

That’s nice to hear! I think I waited an hour to go from London to Hogsmeade in October. I was thinking that might be the norm, but maybe not if they opened that walkway. I did see that but had forgotten. We just want to be sure to ride the train both ways. (I already have, but for DD18.)

Thank you!

I am sorry to hear about the ticket, but I’m glad you checked so that you know now and not later.

I know that Hogwarts Express can get very long at times, so even over 30 minutes might be possible. I have no personal experience since COVID, so I’ll leave that info to everyone else.

I religously make plans and obsess over them and then toss them out the window once I get there if I have EP, but they are definitely still useful for plotting a course. I just can’t speak to their accuracy for time.


Me too!!! So thank you for gently pointing that out to me!

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Sorry about the ticket. If you have plans to return within the year, see if they will upgrade your tickets on the last day of your trip before you leave the park. They may say no, but its worth a shot.

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