Spring Break trip report

Well, OK, the title of this thread is a bit of a lie.

Just met up with a friend of mine who goes to WDW every year. She takes her family (DS, DD, DH, DGP x 2) and stays off-property. This year they went during the Easter holidays, as we Brits call them.

“Never again!” she said. Insanely busy the whole time. Apparently they only went to MK once and stayed “about an hour” — even Dumbo had a two hour wait. (I think she was exaggerating a bit.)

They didn’t get to do FOP as she couldn’t get FPPs and the wait was never less than “four hours”. (Ditto.)

I felt bad because I’m fairly sure she doesn’t know all the tricks we Liners know. She knows about FPPs, but I don’t think she books them in advance. And they don’t have Touring Plans or even touring plans. She thinks my spreadsheets are, er, just more evidence that I’m eccentric.

They did better at UOR, where they had Express Passes. Did both parks in one very long day. (“We had to. We only had tickets for one day. They cost about $850!”)

Overall they had a good time because — as we all know — your worst day at WDW is better than your best day at home. Or something.

In a way I’m glad not everyone knows the tricks, or they wouldn’t work! But I feel sad for people who don’t make the most of the opportunity.

I never pay for access to websites. NEVER But I’m damn sure glad I found this one — and when it came to renewing my subscription, it was an easy call. I even paid a month early!

And, while I’m at it — you guys rock! This is the friendliest site on the internet. I know. I’ve been on them all. Every website.

Oh, and my birthday trip to WDW next year is definitely off based on my friend’s experience. My birthday falls during the Easter Weekend and that’s cleary crazy — even with all the tricks we know.

Oh, and PS She said she’s never taking my advice again! I recommended Sanaa and she thought it was rubbish!


This is a great site for sure. Never used it for all our DL trips. But signed up for our WDW trip. Now that we’re back and I’m psyched for our next DL trip next year, I wish there was more activity on the DL forum. But I’m also happy to just keep talking about our wdw trip…

This is a great site. I have used the Unofficial Guide for years, and loved the book, but signed up for the website - quite frankly entirely based upon my belief in the book (and with the book owners discount, it is almost a no-brainer).

Love to be able to customize TPs and chat with you fine folks.

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One thing to note before you change your plans, because I know how much you hate to change a plan, is that Easter 2019 is very, very late on April 21st. Most of the WDW Easter traffic is driven by school Spring Break schedules and a lot of schools will not want to wait until late April for Spring Break. My son’s school is breaking in late March instead which is their first split from Easter that I can recall. Anyway, it may be worth studying the Crowd Calendar for 2019 to judge how bad it is likely to be as I imagine many schools will not be breaking at Easter in 2019, but I don’t have a feel for just what percentage will still break then…

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I read on TP blog about the crowd calendar that the May update will take into account all the US school system spring breaks as it may be different next year with a late April Easter.


[quote=“profmatt, post:1, topic:44882”]
Oh, and my birthday trip to WDW next year is definitely off based on my friend’s experience. My birthday falls during the Easter Weekend and that’s cleary crazy — even with all the tricks we know.

You know I was just there over Easter and it was not bad at all. Planning makes all the difference! Same day FPP available for FOP, Soarin, Rock Coaster…we had a great trip and never saw any 2 hour long line for something like Dumbo.

I feel the same way! I am completely addicted to making TPs, and I have learned so much valuable information from people on these chats, that I now feel lost when I go somewhere where I can’t make a TP or get advice from other people. This site is absolutely amazing!

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