Spring Break Trip Report! April 1-5

I’m relatively new to this forum, as I only found it around 2 months ago, but now I’m hooked and decided I had to write a trip report for our recent disney trip. To preface this trip report, we’ve been to Disney quite a few times recently, and currently have APs. We also had APs a few years ago (2014 I think), so we know our way around Disney and our trips are typically at a more relaxed pace. This trip was me, my sister, and our parents. We stayed off-site and got from place to place with our own car usually. Also, sorry that there aren’t that many pictures, I just don’t take a huge amount I guess. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this trip report!

Day 1: Monday, April 1

We left from our house (we live in the atlanta area) around 6:45, and headed down to Orlando. We stopped a few times for Starbucks on the drive down, but got to our hotel at 3:30. We were staying at Parc Soleil by Hilton Grand Vacations club, which isn’t far from Disney. Our room wasn’t ready so we just headed straight to Hollywood Studios. Once we were in the park, we rode Rockn Roller coaster with our FP. After that, we went to take a look at the new Lightning McQueen show, but it was down for technical issues. There was some sort of kids dance thing going on in that area as well, but that wasn’t really of interest to us.

Since there was no show for us to watch, we headed straight over to TSM for our next fast pass. We rode that, and by that point we were all starving, so we went to the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, and we were seated pretty much as soon as we got there. Between the 4 of us, we shared pretty much there entire small bites menu. We had the cheese and charcuterie board, the shrimp, the derby sliders, and the crab wonton off of the HBD menu. We also had all 6 of the desserts you can get. We really enjoy eating here, and would definitely recommend it if you want good food for a more reasonable price (that is, if you just order from the small bites menu). Anyways, by the time we had finished all of our food, it was time for our ToT FP. We did that and then, although we had wanted to see the Star Wars fireworks show, decided to leave since we were all so exhausted. We left around 7:30 and chilled out once we got back to the hotel, and got an early night.

Day 2: Tuesday, April 2

Today we got a late start and slept in as well. Mom and I went to breakfast around 10:30 at the hotel, and after eating, we just relaxed and got some work done before heading over to the Grand Floridian for our Afternoon tea at 2:25. The GF is absolutely beautiful (we would definitely stay here if we could afford it :sweat_smile: ). While we were there, they had some easter egg type things on display around the lobby that I think were made of chocolate, so while we waited to be seated we took a look at some of those.

We all ordered the most basic afternoon tea they have, which still comes with a lot of sandwiches and pastries. We all got the assorted pastries for dessert.

After we finished our tea and headed out of the GF, we went to AK, where we had our FPs booked for the day. We did a bit of shopping at the store right as you enter discovery island, where my sister bought herself a new magic band and a pair of ears. Then, we went over to dinoland for our primeval whirl FP. As much as this ride is kind of stupid, it is a good laugh for all of us. Right after this we went over to Asia and used our Everest FP. At this point, it was around 5:15, and we decided that we wanted to go to DS to watch the 7:30 showing of Us. This meant that we would have to bail on our 6:25 safari FP, so to get in another ride for the day, sis and I waited for Kali river, which had like a 40 minute wait while our parents booked the movie tickets and wandered around AK.
After riding Kali river, we all left AK and drove over to DS. We got there just before 7, so we wandered a bit and then went to the movie theater to see Us, which was super good by the way. By the time the movie finished it was past 10, and we were all a bit starving so we went to Pizza Ponte for a late night meal. We then drove back to our hotel and went to sleep.

Day 3: Wednesday, April 3

Our 12 hour day in Epcot

Sis & I decided we wanted to do RD for FEA since she never rode it before. We RD’d from International Gateway, so our mom dropped up off at Beach Club around 8:20 and we got to the IG entrance just before 8:30, which was when they started letting people through security. There were only about 20 people there when we arrived, which meant that we were towards the front of the group for RD. They let us in the park at around 8:53, which meant we got to FEA before any of the main entrance RD crowd. Sis & I were the only ones on our boat thing for the ride. After FEA, we went over to the Land in FW. We ate breakfast at sunshine seasons (we split the breakfast platter and some cereal), and then got in line for Soarin, which was about a 40 minute wait. We hadn’t done Soarin since it was updated, and we actually quite enjoyed it this time.

By the time we left Soarin and the Land pavilion, it was about 10:30, so we killed some time by getting drinks at club cool and just wandering around FW. Once it hit 11, we headed towards the food booths for the Flower & Garden festival. For our ‘lunch’, I got the violet lemonade and she got a pineapple soft serve, we split the citrus chicken, and a cheesecake.

We decided that was enough food for the time being, and wandered around some of the gardens in FW. After that, we did a bit of shopping at mouse gear. After that, it was time for our 12:35 Spaceship Earth FP. We rode SE, but sometimes we just find it a bit slow, but overall its an okay ride if you have a FP for it. We ended up getting off of SE just after 1, which was when our parents arrived in Epcot. We all rode TT together with our FPs.

Then, we headed into World Showcase. Our goal was basically to eat as much F & G festival food as we could. We started at the main WS area, like the port of entry, and walked around WS via Canada. We tried a lot of food, but the things I distinctly remember were a maple popcorn shake, spicy hot dog, some sort of poutine, lobster tail, and some type of fancy burger in America. After a lot of wandering around WS and the afternoon heat kicking in, by the time we hit America we were all exhausted, and time was running out on our 2:50-3:50 FP for Mission Space. So, we walked out of WS and didn’t explore any of the areas past america, but Dad & sis rode mission space while mom & I got a much needed break at the fountain view starbucks. I also bought some new ears, which are the lovely pink ones in my profile pic.

Since we were all so tired, we made a group decision to modify our dinner reservation (restaurant Marrakesh) to earlier, so we changed it from 7 to 6:05. After our break in FW, we headed back out to WS, via Mexico this time. We split up, and sis & I went on the 3 caballeros ride in Mexico while our parents just chilled and wandered around WS. We went into some shops in a few of the countries, and bought chocolate in Germany and candy in Japan. We met up with our parents again in Morocco just before 6, and we went into Restaurant Marrakesh for our dinner reservation. It was somewhere we had never tried before, but we thought it was a really cool place to eat and the food was good. After we finished our meal, we headed out of WS and towards the exit after our long day. We went back to our hotel and after relaxing for a bit, we all went to sleep.

Day 4: Thursday, April 4

After our long day on Wednesday, we had a relatively late start today. We left our hotel around 11:30 to be in Magic Kingdom for our 12:10 reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern (we were cutting it pretty close, I know). But we parked, took the tram to the TTC, and hopped on the monorail into MK. We got to liberty tree right in time for our reservation, and we only waited about 10 minutes before we were seated. We ordered off of the a la carte menu instead of doing family style, and we all enjoyed our meals as well as dessert.

After our food, we still had a while before any of our FPs, so Sis & I went over to Tom Sawyer Island. We just kind of explored it a little bit, because that’s one of the areas in MK we have hardly been to. It’s a really good area to find a bit of peace, especially when MK is so busy. On the island, we got a frozen lemonade at Aunt Polly’s, and if I hadn’t just had lunch I would have got food there, because some of the sandwiches looked quite good. But this was the first time I had seen it open, so I think it is really seasonal. After finishing our drink, we headed back over to frontierland to ride Splash mtn with our 2:20-3:20 FP. We met up with our parents and all rode it together. After the ride, our parents decided it was too hot and busy, so they decided to leave.

Sis & I went over to fantasyland to get in a ride of Small World, which we waited about 30 minutes for. After that, we trekked back over to frontierland for our Thunder mountain FP. After riding BTMRR, we headed to adventureland to wait for Pirates of the Carribean, which was about a 40 minute wait. After riding that, we went to tomorrowland to use our Space Mountain FP. After Space Mountain, we decided that MK was really too busy for us to do much else, so we decided to head over to HS to do a few things that we didn’t get to do on day 1.

We left MK, and right as we were leaving there was a bus to HS arriving, so we rushed over and hopped on the bus. As we were walking into HS, we went ahead and made our mobile order for dinner at Woody’s Lunchbox. We each had a grilled cheese meal (these grilled cheeses are just so good) and we split the specialty punch drink. I waited for the mobile order to be ready while sis found us a table. After eating, it was getting close to 7, and the wait for Slinky Dog Dash was decreasing, so we decided to get in line for it when it showed a 70 minute wait. We ended up waiting only about 50 minutes, which really wasn’t bad at all. We caught a glimpse of Galaxy’s edge from the ride, so really that was worth the 50 minutes wait.

After riding SDD, it was almost 8:00 and the park shut at 8:30, so we tried to get a few things done before park close. We went to star wars launch bay and met BB-8, one of our favorite Disney character interactions. Then, we headed over to the other side of HS to get in a ride of Star Tours before the park closed. When we left Star Tours, the park was shut, so we watched a bit of the pre-fireworks show and then our dad picked us up and we left.

Day 5: Friday, April 5

We woke up really early, and left our hotel around 7:00 in the morning to head back home to Atlanta.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this trip report. We have another trip planned for early September to see Galaxy’s edge, so I will definitely be making another trip report for that. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!


Sounds like it was a great trip!

May I ask how old you and your sister are? I am wondering if you’re 18+ or not. My kids are just getting to the age where they want to go to the parks on their own - and we will let them - so I’m more looking for a frame of reference than being nosy :wink:

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Great trip report, hey I was in Mk on 4/4 as well

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Enjoyed your report. We have done the tea at Grand Floridian and really enjoyed it. Our server was just so much fun. We usually do rope drop but your late starts on some of the days has me thinking about maybe sleeping in a day or two on our next trip…


Great report, looking forward to your next one about star wars

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I’m interested in what you all had we are doing LTT in June for lunch and wanted to know what is good.

My sister and I are 16 and 18 but we’ve been going to the parks ourselves since we were about 15 and 16.


We all shared the Vermont cheese plate for a starter. I had the fish and chips, my sister had the lobster roll, my mom had the turkey pot pie, and my dad had the pilgrim’s feast. We all enjoyed our food, except the turkey pot pie was not exactly how you would expect pot pie to look like, nevertheless my mom enjoyed it. For dessert, we shared the toffee cake and apple fritters between us. I’m pretty sure that whatever you have, you should enjoy it, and we really like the restaurant’s ambiance as well.


Perfect! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: My daughter is 15 tomorrow :slight_smile:


Happy birthday to your DD.

Good info— I was also curious. Thanks for the report!