Spring break trip 2020

We are heading to WDW on March 23 and will stay until the 31st. We are staying at POP. We have 7 park days one park a day tickets starting on the 24th. Our priorities this trip are MK and HS. I am having trouble with the 25th/28th plans. I like the idea of doing AK on the 25th because a FOP fp would be easier to snag than a SDD (which we would like to have for both HS days as it’s DD7’s favorite ride). But… AK on the 28th also sounds good because we can take advantage of the morning emh. I like the idea of HS on the 25th because it would give a break between our HS days but I know SDD fp for that day would be out of the question.

3/24 MK (10)
Not thrilled with the MK CLs for the week but we will be there 3 times and we know what we want to do so it will be fine.
3/25 HS (10) or AK (9)
3/26 EP (8) with morning emh
I know Epcot doesn’t have the crowded feel that other parks have so I’m good with this.
3/27 MK (9) with morning emh
3/28 AK (7) with morning emh or HS 6
3/29 HS (6) with morning emh
3/30 MK (9)

So with all that being said… which parks would you choose for the 25th/28th?

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I’m there around the same time as you, with the boarding group situation at dhs I’d definitely go there on the quieter day. The boarding groups are going within about 10mins at the moment on CL10days, it’s a much slower distribution on a CL6 day. You’re also far more likely to pick up same day fastpasses on a CL6, which is far more important at dhs than ak. CL9 at AK will feel busy, but at least there’s more fastpass options for decent rides ahead of time.

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Good points. I’m there during that same time for a short Spring Break trip and don’t have much of a choice but to do HS on 3/25 and hope for the best with the crowds by using all the info I can get from all of you great planners. So much uncertainty with what the BG’s will look like by then, if still being used, and how the opening of MMRR will go. Also, on a short trip of just a couple days, the latest I can push AK back is 60+2, so getting any FOP FP is highly in doubt, so we opted for the AK After Hours which will be awesome. Plus it’s easier to justify the extra cost since doing the AH instead of normal park day allows us to reduce hoppers to standard tickets. (Gotta love finding the right rationales of “saving” at Disney. The other way to justify the AH event is that if my family consumes 125 “free” Mickey ice cream bars there, then the event is free! lol)

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Can I ask you what days you are doing each park?

That’s so funny! We are going at the same time, I’m having the same trouble planning and justified doing DAH for the same reason! I plan on eating my body weight in Mickey bars and will be drinking all the soda because I’m an early bird but it’s my daughter’s trip and she is a night owl! Count us in for HS 3/25 and I’m also struggling with a plan. It’s easier for me since my kiddo does NOT want to RD I’ll save RotR for a solo trip. I’m making 3 FP for early afternoon and hoping to get SDFP’s after that. Just canceled MM Fantasmic Dining because I don’t want to waste time eating with a late start…we’ll brown bag or eat snacks! Might do the Fantasmic Dessert Party once it opens up but doubtful since it’s only $4 less than a full meal! We’ve never been to HS or done FOP or EE so I’m pretty excited!

You can, but we’re not actually getting there till near the end of your trip. Overlapping your trip I’ve got
29th march - Hollywood studios - cl 6
30th march - epcot - cl7
31st march - animal kingdom -cl6

We’re there for 2 weeks (and a third week in universal) so not too worried about getting the difficult fastpasses those first few days, will be trying to get SDD and FOP for my second week

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2 weeks! Sounds fabulous!!

Yep! We were there a few years ago with my mum, but she was too ill to really enjoy it, and I think she felt guilty for ‘spoiling’ the trip(she didn’t!). She wanted us to do another trip with her cash once she’d popped her clogs, and she loved hearing about me planning it during her last few weeks, so I may have gone slightly overboard! Onsite at both Disney and universal, free dining plan, we’re going the whole hog!

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