Spring break hs

I currently have a mmrt fast pass for the evening time as my first tier fast pass. I missed out on a earlier pass. I am waiting to see if I can get an earlier time when they drop fast passes for the new earlier time. Do you think I am better off staying with mmrt or switching to one of the other first tier options? We want to ride both sdd and mf.

So it is looking like neither MFSR nor MMRR will have FPP slots starting in the 8-9am spot. What I would do is perhaps plan to RD and if you get in successfully, try at the first drop to modify your late in the day tier 1 to another option.

I think that is what I will do.

Sdd just became available early in the day. I would like it being earlier, but will it be harder to rd mmrt or mf?

So if any one is looking for fpp for spring break some new ones have been added

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Can we have a spring break week?!?! Because our spring break is the week after Easter so we are still at 9am opening.