Spring break HS trip plan

Sorry if this topic has been discussed-I haven’t really seen much about it. Is there any speculation about the addition of FPP for SWGE or possible changing of the Tiers in HS? Our trip is in early March. We only have 4.5 park days, and I am planning on putting HS on day 1 and/or day 2 since I am assuming there won’t be any FPP for either SWGE rides at that time. What are other spring breakers thinking?

Currently, WDW has made no announcements about the future of the Tiers at DHS.

However, both MF:SR & RotR have FPP tapstiles at the queue entrances that haven’t been activated yet. So they will definitely be getting FPP in the future.

We’ll be coming in April; arriving by car so we’re doing a HS half day, then another full day after that. My wife is a huge Star Wars nerd, so the full day is going to be all Galaxy’s Edge and we’re going to try to get through all the Pixar rides in the half-day afternoon. I’m more worried about being able to get Slinky Dog FPP for that first half-day, or at least seeing how the addition of RotR affects the wait times in the rest of the park. If MMRR is open by then, I’m hoping they’d make a few of the new rides FPP, too.

I also noticed that Star Wars Galactic Spectacular dropped off my HS Touring Plan in April, saying the show will not occur on those days. Is the show stopping, or could this just be a glitch?

@krnalvarez Ohh I forgot about MMRR. All the new stuff is exciting, but it sure makes it hard to plan.

Yeah, I’ve got a couple of plans made, one with MMRR and one without. Can’t really do much at the moment, just enjoying the planning stages. :grin: