Spring Break Help for using FP at WDW etc

Our Family of 5 (13,13,14,54 and 56)heading to WDW during spring break. Any of you awesome people have a plan of less waiting, a logical way to get through the large crowds and a good FP plan/system? We are doing 1 park a day. WDW, AK and HS. Any help is appreciated! Thx!!

Though I personally don’t use the touringplans offered here because my wife and I are retired and in no big hurry, Many say it is the only way to go if you wish to maxiumize your stay at the parks.

Creating a personalized touring plan is a great option during busy times like spring break. If we don’t use one, we will be at the park at RD and hit up some headliners. We then use our three pre-scheduled FPs in the late morning. As soon as we tap into our third FP+, we start looking for additional FPs on the MDE. A friend and I did over Memorial Day weekend and were able to get 11 additional FPs at MK on a CL9 day (and one of those was for 7DMT)

Thanks for the ones who replied!

We always have a touring plan (TP). We also always do rope drop (RD), because missing RD is missing out on opportunity.

We do our FPs in the afternoon, when everything gets really busy. Some people like to take a break in the afternoon, so they’re rejuvenated by evening. In our case, we usually go home for supper and that’s it. If we leave the park, there’s no coming back. But it works for others to do two shifts.

I like to do the headliners in the morning, so, for example, ‘run’ for Space Mountain, then Buzz Lightyear, then over to Big Thunder Mountain, then Splash Mountain, Pirates, Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion. That takes until almost lunch. Sometimes we can get Small World in, as well. After lunch, my FPs are 7DMT, another Buzz Lightyear and either Peter Pan or Under the Sea. In between those, we fill in whatever we can do, like People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Presidents, if there’s time, etc. That takes until around 4pm (with that lunch break) and we shop on our way out to the car.

I like your plan…Thanks!