Spring Break FPP Plan - need some input

Alright FPP day is Wednesday. Going down for a short trip. Two teachers on break.

April 6 - DHS
April 7 - EP
April 8 - MK

I’ve been a few times recently. My friend has never been. So I want to experience the new (namely at DHS) but also want to make sure I give her a stellar first Disney experience.

DHS is obviously quite in flux right now. For all parks, I plan to use my usual approach, booking passes for around the 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 mark. My (hopeful) FPP choices are as follows:

RD Plan: will arrive at the requisite pre-crack of dawn to get a BG for ROTR and to RD MMRR

  1. MFSR - hopeful for a 12:30 or sooner FPP time
  2. TOT
  3. TSM
    Concerned about how to book to also leave room for ROTR.

RD Plan: Arrive to RD Soarin’

  1. TT
  2. SE
  3. MS:G
    Flower and Garden will be happening. I’ve never been. Does it have any bearing on how I would normally tour EP? Or can I basically do what I would always do (FW in the morning, WS afternoon) and just look out for topiaries and special food along the way.

RD Plan: BOG PPO (prepared for a potential hour change to make this useless)

  1. PPF
  2. Splash
  3. HM, BTMRR or Space
    Contemplating whether or not I should FPP 7D in anticipating of the PPO BOG becoming useless. There are evening EMH - anyone have input on whether or not it is likely to have an 8AM opening on a evening EMH day or if one seems to have no bearing on the other?

It might be tough to get a FP for some of the headliners unless you are looking at a 4 or 5 day visit. Are you familiar with the Dibb website? If not, here is the link:
This will give you a snapshot of FPP availability at 60 days. Pay attention to whether morning, afternoon or evening only FP’s are available! This might help you plan your days.

I’ll have 60 day availability, but it’s a short trip. So will need a bit of luck for sure. I am monitoring the dibb. Kind of curious what people are seeing in practice too. At the end of the day, I’ll still book my early passes and make use of the drops. Will be curious to see once people are using MFSR in park if it turns up during the drop times.

Id get SDMT If you can and want to ride it. You’re right that park hours might change and best to be prepared for. I would not however get it if you can’t get a FPP until very late afternoon as it would stop you from getting same day fast passes. Personally I think big thunder or space are more worthy classic attractions for a first timer.

On Friday, I got an evening MFSR at 60+2 and afternoon SDD at 60+3. Pretty confident HS will move up the open time (currently 9am), so will get another chance to move FPs up.

Honestly, for a first trip, not sure I would focus on the new stuff at HS … the park is a bit of a nightmare to try and see the new stuff, not really reflective of a “normal” Disney experience (but maybe this is the new normal?).

Yes but definitely not my first (fourth in just a couple years). So I’m definitely not missing out on all the new at Hollywood Studios. Hoping I can roll a solid rope drop plan to take care of ROTR and MMRR that way if my friend doesn’t want to do a crazy early call to the taps, she can catch up with me after and enjoy a normal day from there.

I’m going to ask her if she would prefer space or BTMRR - I’m pretty confident I can pick up whatever we need with just two of us… with the exception of 7D.