Spring Break + Crowds + Kids Solo

How insane is it really? My kids have off the week of 3/9 and I’m flirting with the idea of taking them for a couple days. Checked availability and it’s pretty slim. Somehow AoA and YC are only $10/night different in price. How does that even work???

Of course I chose a spring break week. I thought spring break was in April and end of March. :sob: Here’s hoping March 8-11 isn’t too bad.

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What!! Same price. Weird!

Lol! Ours are always in March. It must be some other region of the country that does April. Hopefully it isn’t terrible. CLs look high but reasonable expectations go a long way right?

And isn’t that weird?!? I figured I’d jump on a room just in case and of course I snagged YC. The likelihood of me actually taking them this week is probably pretty small but DH was suggesting we go somewhere that week and he won’t be able to go. Disney seems just about as easy as anywhere else to travel alone with kids. Right???


Yes, AoA suites are really expensive. You pay deluxe prices and are treated like a value in terms of discounts and last bus stop. It’s be the rooms are huge though. 2 bathrooms priceless.

I think they increased the price of AOA a lot due to the skyliner access.

I’m staying off property. Disney and universal priced me out this trip.

Sounds amazing!! And you did it last year right?? #supermom

Check out disney springs hotels - you’ll still get EMH and be able to book FPP immediately if not all your days are within 30 yet,

Yes but last year I took my DNiece who is 13 and left my 3 year old at home. This time I wouldn’t have my niece, and would have all four of my kids (9, 7, 5, 3). I’d for sure be going with much different expectations as to what we could do.

I guess the only real thing to think about is how to do the rides with 5 and two who need to ride with an adult.

I think it sounds like a fun time, and your older kids sounded like troopers. Would flower and garden being going on? I’m excited for that on my trip.

You are correct. I’m wondering if they’d let me ride with DD3 and then allow DD5 to ride with either DD9 or DS7 as long as they are directly in front of me in the same car. We did this on our first trip on 7D with my then DD7 and DD3 but I know it’s not always handled that way.

Also, DD3 is for sure under 40”. She’ll be pushing 38” so she could potentially ride some fun new rides for her (SDD, 7D, MFSR) but I’m not counting on it being a heavy-on-the-attractions trip as we will have to skip out on many of the headliners due to her height. Of course, DD9 and DS7 could go ride those on their own (which they did in the summer a few times with DNiece) but I doubt they’d be comfortable doing that.

And yes, F&G! I’ve never been and am excited for all of the topiaries.

Yea my three year old isn’t tall
Enough for any of those either. Luckily Disney has so much more then just big rides.

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It’s crazy all desirable HS fast passes disappeared at 30 days for March 10th. I just bought my after hours ticket for March 9 and figured I would book some fast passes. I will probably just cancel them and go in stores (Since they are closed and rides are open) and get a fireworks spot. The shocking part was that All rides are available except SDMT at 16 days out. HS is soooo crowded.

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