Spring Break 2021 Family Reunion Trip Report

Thursday at Epcot: We were the first guests of the day on Frozen Ever After, (awkward photopass shots are a bonus,) walking through an empty World Showcase was nice.

Then more Test Track dabbing, Journey Into Imagination with Figment, DVC lounge above Figment for Cokes, lunch in Mexico at San Angel Inn inside the pyramid, Flower & Garden Festival “window” shopping, (the girls spotted the essential oils kiosk…) then a walk back to Beach Club for a swim.

A few went to Animal Kingdom for re-rides, a couple of us to Hollywood Studios…then everyone walked back over to Epcot to sample the “outdoor kitchen” snacks. After a short rain shower, the park cleared out so that was nice. Some of us (no me,) rode Spaceship Earth & Soarin’, closing the park down at 11 PM :sleeping:

Grandma’s Pro tip: put a deck of cards in your backpack in case a ride goes down. (Test Track went down for about 15-20 minutes Monday when electricity went out at The Land pavilion as well.) With physical distancing in line queues now, there is plenty of room to play…Snip, Snap, Snorem for the win! :spades:


I love the playing cards tip!

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We played cards at Nomad Lounge, one day. It was fabulous! It’s a good way to force a little bit longer break.


How early were you (and at which entrance) to make that happen?

We were at IG a tad before 10. Walking into FEA at 10:18.

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