Spring Break 2018

Why are the crowds supposed to be a 10 at Hollywood Studios? The new Toy Story isn’t set to open until Summer 2018 or will one ride open early like they did with Fantasyland in MK?

I’m going spring break too, we’re at HS on a 10 day. No, toy story land won’t have a hope of being open by then. The waits will be horrible because only 4 attractions. We’re doing our 3 FPP and skipping RRC. Short day for us. Maybe we’ll hit a show and use the afternoon at the pool.

I was just at Disney over Dec 1st weekend and a cast member said if I wanted to avoid the crowds go to HS, but there isn’t much there now so I didn’t go. Anyway maybe over SB, they are expecting more ppl in HS with fewer rides like you said. Bummed they closed the Great movie ride, I always liked that ride :frowning:.

Not to put a damper on your trip, but Spring Break 2017 were the largest crowds we experienced this year including our July and Thanksgiving trips. It has become a very popular time to visit. While waiting for the monorail to arrive at TTC, I talked to a lady from Miss. who brings the family to WDW every spring break and she said that it was the largest crowd she’d seen at SB ever in the 20 years they have been going that week. She compared it to Thanksgiving crowds. We were there this year at Thanksgiving and commented multiple times that the crowds didn’t seem as large as SB. However, we were in HS on a CL10 day and it wasn’t bad. We were there on a CL9 day at Thanksgiving and it wasn’t bad. Granted we only rode Star Tours. MK seems to me the only park that gets crazy on a high CL day. When we were there the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, they closed the Hub and Main Street for viewing 20 mins. before HEA because it was at capacity. It was a CL10 day.

I’m concerned about crowds, mostly for the bumping into people feeling. I expect long waits and touring plan to be on point, but maneuvering in thick crowds makes me want to kick shins…which I don’t do, just that feeling. I’m hoping it doesn’t FEEL that bad.


I completely understand the “kicking shins” urge. I only got that way at MK. The other parks weren’t bad, even on a high CL day. I wish people would observe the “slow lane” rule of thumb. It drives me nuts when a group of say 5 or more get in the middle of the walking path and weave or meander. I get you want to take it slow, but don’t take up the entire path. You are not the only people here!

I’ve been to Disney twice before for SB and it was fine as long as you FPP and plan out each day IMO. This time I’ll be there over Easter which I usually do not do, but it looks like the crowds are down a little over the Easter weekend. I agree only MK seems to get super crowded at times. I’m avoiding it those 10 days. There is always the tricks of riding the rides during the fireworks shows. Use the Magic hours. Go to AK at night and Epcot during the day.

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What week is considered Spring Break this year?

“Spring Break” is really a season that goes from mid-Feb (when many colleges have it) through the week of Easter as opposed to one week. It’s referred to as “rolling Spring Break” in the travel industry.

We were there spring break 2017. First time going that time of year, tho we’ve been to Disney since 80s. My Ddil is a school counselor, so we’re limited to vaca weeks & summers, but it’s for a wonderful reason, she gets to be with the littles those times yay!

We did great with the crowds, by using the personalized touring plan and taking afternoon break each day. Lunches at CSs were a little tricky, but we tried to go b4 12 or after l:30.

It was the crowd at the pool (Dolphin) that made me not too thrilled, that’s an understatement. Been to that pool many times, I finally kind of figured it out that other times of year there are large conventions vs fams there, which was prob not the case at spring break time. So a lot more fams at the pool vs people at meetings etc.

So I guess staying at a non-convention oriented hotel at Disney might not have the same result.

The other glitch we ran into was the crazy traffic on Saturday driving back to Cape Cod. We’ve both flown & driven over the years. I’ve never seen traffic like that on the drive b4. Reason being most of Northeast had same vaca week, so we had lots of company.

We’ve decided to go back to our other week, mid August, worked much better for us. Tho I realize the heat is not everyone’s idea of a great vaca.

To sum it up, I’d say as long as your fam uses the personalized plan, or even the premade touring plan (plus FPPs and ADRs) and takes breaks in the afternoon when the crowds are largest, then everything else should be fine.

Unless you stay at the Dolphin/Swan that week or drive back to Cape Cod that Saturday haha!

Massachusetts break week? February or April?

It was spring break, in april, @PrincipalTinker. I had checked the break weeks for other states b4 we planned the trip, noticed that most of New England had the same week. I think there were some exceptions in Conn as I recall. I didn’t check New York or New Jersey, but after seeing that crazy traffic on the return trip, I think maybe they or at least some of them had the same week.

Oh, and I should add, it was Vermont week for my grands, but Mass had same week as well in 2017.