Spring Break 2016 vs Summer 2016-Please help!

We are considering planning a trip for March 24 to April 3 of 2016 (which will fall over Easter) or June of 2016 like June 1st through June 8th. Can anyone give advice on what time would be better? I am considering crowds and weather. We will travel with a 6 year old and 3 1/2 year old too.

Personally I’d go in the hottest part of August before I’d go over Easter. Early June will be busy but not ‘quite’ as hot as it will get a few months later.


June, for sure. Easter is a nightmare, I would rather go at Christmas than Easter. Early June will be busy, but not like Easter is. It will definitely be warmer than late March/early April, but the crowds will be lower.

I’m a fan of the March weather and getting away in spring, so I’d deal with the crowds. I haven’t been on Easter in a long time, but have been during other busy time periods and I can deal with the parks when they get packed with people. The summer humidity and thunderstorms present a different challenge, which is also manageable, but I always looked forward to spring break trips as a kid and still do as an adult.

For you, I guess it depends on what priorities you have for your trip and how they will be affected by larger crowds or hotter/rainier weather. Other possible considerations would be whether you want to see the Flower & Garden Festival (and food) in Epcot, which would be running in the spring, or Star Wars Weekends at the Studios, which would be running in early June.