Spring 2015 Resort Booking Now or Wait?

If we book a room at YC, BW, BC or AKL for Spring Break 2015 and a RO comes out, can we still take advantage of it? Or is it just a maybe? I was also pretty surprised about the limited YC availability for Spring 2015. Is there a renovation or closure coming up? TIA

I think you can, depending on when the discount comes out, and the cancellation terms of your current reservation. You’re not booking at package, right?

Thanks, Len. I’m looking for room and tickets. No DP. Is that always a package? The term are full cancellation and due early Feb 2015 for mid/end of March. If you are booking through Disney.

Room and tickets bought together are a package. You can cancel anytime up to 45 days out. You can change your room to another hotel ( for example you book BC but it is not available when RO comes out but YC is). If your room type and resort are available in a RO offer you can apply it to the package. DP can only be added to a package or AP room.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker! That is great info. So I’m thinking go ahead and book

I would! If you are booking a package it is a $200 deposit. If you book RO it is one night rate. Last discount some people reported they were able to apply a discount to a booked room when the resort was included in the discount even though new bookings were told there were no rooms available. The only time I was excluded was when I changed my dates and even then I kept the resort (BC), I just had to change my room type.

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Be prepared for very limited availability though. WDW marketing is using more PIN codes to sell rooms, so when a discount for gen public finally comes out, there are fewer rooms offered. This was the first fall that I was barely able to get the resort/room I wanted…called at 7:02am & got last one.

Most TAs say a discount cannot be applied to an existing reservation, though one liner this fall said the CM did just that.

I personally am waiting for a discount before booking next year’s trip. The more rooms booked at rack rate, the less they offer at discount.

I can see that as a problem @PianoMinnie. Particularly for certain resorts. I was frustrated with the pin code we received recently…there was no way to search by availability for a particular resort. (I just posted this question, actually.)

I have always applied discounts to existing reservations. My last two week long trips I have made multiple changes. For the July 4th week I started with BC/Poly split. I then applied RO discount. I then changed BC to AKL since BC was more expensive than Poly with the discount. Finally, I applied AP discount to AKL/Poly ( this is why I never use a TA-I am crazy)

I guess I will be prepared to change resorts or possibly cancel if nothing comes out within the 45 days. We’ve booked a resort we can’t afford at rack rate, of course! The plus side I see is that if we switch resorts, at least we are able to book your ADR’s and FPP at 180 and 60. I’ve heard Liners say they follow you if you switch resorts

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Are AP resort discounts pretty common?

Do Visa card holders get first crack besides the pin code folks?

They usually come out later than other discounts and are only a little better than other rates. For example for my July 4th it was 35% off and free MM. You can get them more last minute than regular discounts.

Oh I see, we’re not talking about the same thing. You can apply a discount to an existing reservation of the same type (RO). Switching a package to RO or a FD offer to RO discount necessitates a new reservation. Sorry if I confused anyone.

I hear ya, I’ve changed my resort/package/FD/RO discount for this year’s trip so often I feel terrible for anyone having to deal with me.

This year, no, but in years past they did. WDW must’ve gotten word that we got a Diz Visa. (They also stopped sending me PINs when I used one.)

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Yes, but you can apply a RO discount to the room part of the package… weird, but can be done. I did that a little over a year ago, that was the year I changed POR/BC five times with tickets attached to POR.

That makes sense. AP holders would be more likely to go with less notice than others

I agree, during one of the changes the CM kept asking if I wanted to apply the RO discount to the package, or add tickets to my new RO to make it a package. Being inherently opposed to all the strings that come with a package vs RO, I had to say “no thank you” repeatedly until the CM got the hint. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agree. I’ve done the same. Booked then received discount. It’s always worked for me.

I have to say that I am renting DVC points for BWV and saved over $2500 off rack rate (incl tic and room).

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