Hi! I know this has been posted before and probably by me lol! I am in need of a good spreadsheet for keeping track of everything! Something easy to read and use :smile: if someone doesnt mind sharing I would appreciate it thanks.

Why don’t you try the new dashboard on this site, it looks pretty good

I’m sure someone will be willing to share ideas @littlemermaidmomma!

There was a big long thread about this with lots of examples on Chat that I saved. Want me to go bump for you @littlemermaidmomma? I could share mine but honestly I’m not quite sure how…

Anything is fine with me :smiley: thanks! I just need some new ideas!

Hi @littlemermaidmomma! Here’s my spreadsheet from our May trip :smile:

If you save it to a Cloud account of any form (ie. dropbox, Gmail cloud, or like mine is on my Onedrive cloud), there’s an option to share. You can create different settings with the link, so for example mine is a “read-only” link, meaning people can look at it, download and modify, but they can’t change the one that I’ve uploaded, so that when other people look at it, it hasn’t been messed with haha

Thanks @mALYficent, next time I’m on my PC I’ll try it through Dropbox. Maybe someone will find my crazy logic useful…

Thank you so much!

Okay, giving this a try. Hope this helps @littlemermaidmomma. Instead of putting specific times for each ride I just divide the hour into three 20 minute slots. At the bottom I have notes on changes we could make or alternatives to do or other basic notes. I also have a spot for snacks I know I want to get each day in each park (that part for my trip is still a work in progress). The below that I count the # of meal credits used each day (we have free dining) and below that was my spot to list out the FPP I wanted to make each day and what time so when my 60 days came up I knew what I wanted to make each day. As you can see they don’t match my master above b/c I’ve made changes (LOTS!) since then.

If the link doesn’t work let me know. I’m a newbie at this.

Hope it helps, or at least gets you a starting point. Have fun! :smile:


If you haven’t made your trip yet, I’d recommend removing your confirmation numbers for reservations or other things, some dishonest people may take them and use them before you get there.

I left mine on my spreadsheet because we’ve already finished the trip so it doesn’t matter.

Good point @mALYficent – I’ll go fix that now.

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I really appreciate all the info!