If it would help anyone with their planning, I have created a spreadsheet of the rides, shows, exhibits, etc. for USF, IoA, MK, Epcot, and SeaWorld. My kids use it to identify the rides they want to take, so I thought others might find it useful.

Since I can’t upload it here, if you would like a copy, just message me with your email address.

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i’m glad others have the sickness too!

I’m surprised that no one makes a spreadsheet of attractions available. It sure helps planning.

So I am a Project Manager by trade and it leaks into my personal life. With WDW you have to plan. I do have to say WDW has taken the magic out of spontaneity. I like to plan and be informed etc. However - for me I do NOT like the uber planning that is sometimes necessary. I like my vacations to be the detox of my rigid every day - not the culmination of it.

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I don’t go overboard with planning. My primary focus is making a shortlist of what everyone wants to see and do. That’s easiest for me if I can see what’s available in a simple list that I can sort and organize how I want. Thanks to my spreadsheet, I have my shortlist now, and will use TP to suggest the best order. We’re hitting 6 parks in 9 days, so I hope this works well. Our first trip to WDW and USF.

I usually just pick the kid I love the most or that has the highest income potential and let them pick


I need to show this thread to my husband…my life!!!
I stopped short of a project plan but I did print out the spreadsheet with our week on it, with the reservations already on it. Will literally pencil in the rest.

And of course there are the reference spreadsheets with the restaurants and rides and stuff … that I can read on my iPhone…

@davidtyost, after reading several of your posts, I have decided I would love to travel with you sometime! We think alike and you crack me up! :joy:

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Ha thanks. I am sure my family would like to swap me out at times. We are very fortunate our kids are very grateful for trips, are flexible and just fun to take - so our trips are always a lot of fun. Plus my wife and I can (even though we are total type As) let loose and have fun. I think it is the whole work hard play hard mentality.

On a separate note - one of the things we do with our kids since they were little has been to have them “guide” us.

We get dropped off at the airport - we then pick one and have them get us to the plane. They have to figure out bag check, checkin, security and then getting to the gate. We fly out of Philadelphia so it is a big airport - but it is fun and also give the kids confidence in taking control in new situations.


I like your family’s idea of having your kids “guide” you. I wish I’d done that. My two sons are now adults with wife/girlfriend. Recently each pair did a cruise that involved connecting flights, hotels, shuttles, etc. Even though they’d traveled with us several times as young adults, this was their first time without us. Since I’d made all the arrangements, I also made a one-page cheat sheet they were glad to have to follow along. It was a big confidence booster.

Yeah - it is old hat for the kids now (10 and 13). They know what the general process is and they know who they can ask if they are lost or have issues. They also know specifically how to behave going through security and once on the other side (no smart rss comments) - which they normally don’t do - but they are getting into the “snarky teen age” years.