Sports Theme Park tickets

Does anyone have experience with the theme park tickets offered through ESPN Wide World of Sports ticketing? We’ll be there soon for a tournament, and the discounted tickets are a really good deal. BUT…my only purchase option is to pick them up at Will Call. With needing Park Reservations, this seems like it could be a deal breaker. Any thoughts? I’m really surprised there isn’t an electronic option for easy addition to MDE.


That’s interesting. I’d call to ask for a link option due to APR necessity.

Will they send you an email confirmation number?

Every time I order tickets from Disney “will call” is the delivery method but I link them to my MDE account and with my magic band that is all I need to do.

So you’re saying they still send you an email confirmation with a number for MDE, even though they say “will call”? As long as that’s the case - and they asked for my email - I’m happy to purchase. I just was worried they truly meant “will call”! The short notice for this and my planning mind are stressing me out!

I think you need to confirm that but generally you will need the confirmation number to pick up at the Will Call booth?

OK. Thanks for the info. I’m going to try and call today to confirm…

Adding this here in case anyone in the future has the same question. They email you a confirmation number and you are able to easily link that to My Disney Experience to make APRs.

Thanks to Meet and PT for the replies!

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