Splitting TS Food

I think I asked a different version of this question but we now have one more TS schedules than we have credits for.

If I order a 20 oz steak and my wife orders a salad, can I use a TS credit for my steak, pay out of pocket for her salad and then we split the food with each other?

Anybody else have creative ways to compensate for having more reservations than credits that they know will work under newer DDP guidelines?

yep, unless it’s pre fixe/aycte/buffet/dining package, you can order and split however you want.

Although I think Via Napoli will not let you share on DDP either, but I have no personal experience with that.


We’ll do this at Kona Cafe and The Wave, so no issues there.

Kona Cafe is on our arrival night, and GF Cafe is on the same day we got to AK. I plan on crushing lunch and snacks on our AK day.

One year for FW fest my 3 friends and I had a regular dining plan and only ordered 2 meals at each TS reservation except Garden Grill breakfast. We knew we’d be grazing at Epcot in the afternoons/evenings so we didn’t want a full sit down meal. It let us have a sit- down break during our days, but still have room for tasting. We usually ordered an app or two and drinks, and tipped heavily because we’re didn’t want our servers to be shorted.

Via Napoli does not. We had 3 adults and 1 child. We could only use a child credit if she ordered off the children’s menu. We ordered a couple of pizzas. In hindsight we should have paid cash for that meal and gone to a Signature or added another buffet meal somewhere. The food was good so I will give them that.