Splitting the party for ADR?

I just tried booking Sebastian’s Bistro for a party of 6. There was no availability, so I tried a party of 3 and got 5:35. I booked that one for myself, DH, and DD10. I tried for 3 again and 5:25 came up. Perfect. Clicked it to book for my mother, DD7 and DS12, and it said I had a conflicting reservation. Why won’t it let me book for three different people now? Should I have made the first booking with my mother as the “contact?” and then the second one with me? The 5:25 time is gone now, so hopefully I can modify it later :frowning:

Your MDE account can only have one reservation at a time even if you’re assigning to two different people. You can call the reservation number and see if they can force it into the system for you. I did that for a group of six for Topolino’s a few months back. Then, when we got to the restaurant, they already knew we were actually one party.

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Ugh, what a PITA. I thought maybe because my mom has her own mde account it would let me. She is the only other person in my party with a separate account (but I created it for her and manage it.)

You should be able to make the second reservation using her MDE account, then tell them to combine when you arrive.


Yep! You CAN do this. But you have to be logged in as her. And then only her account can modify or cancel. I have done this as well.

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I’ll keep this in mind next time. I should have been logged in as her on my laptop and used my phone logged in as me. By the time I logged out of mine and into hers, there weren’t any reservations left. They went fast.

I made a reservation for her and DD7 for Hollywood & Vine Play and Dine breakfast, but put Mom as the “contact.” Now only she can modify that rez. I’m wondering if I had made her the “contact” (the first person on th rez) for the first 3 person Sebastian’s rez, if it would have been the same as logging in as her. It was so early in the AM, my brain didn’t think about it until after. I’m not a morning person.

That wouldn’t have worked, it’s the MDE account being used that matters, not whose name is on the reservation.

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I don’t want to be contradictory, maybe it depends on which way the IT winds are blowing that day. But I just wanted to see what would happen if I made a breakfast reservation that conflicts with my mom’s and DD7’s H&V res. I made that reservation using my MDE account and just switched her in as the contact instead of me. It let me book a res for 2 at Rick’s Sports Bar at the same time with me as the contact. (I immediately cancelled it of course.)

I just wanted to report this experience

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This has been my experience too.


Well so much for that theory then!

So you book an ADR but make the lead name someone else who has their own MDE account, And then book another at the same or overlapping time and make yourself the lead name.

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