Splitting the bill at a meal with 3 magicbands?

I will be traveling with lots of extended family and we are trying to figure out how to handle meals. Is it fairly easy to have the check split up among 3 families and assigned to different magicbands/credit cards or should we have one person pay and then reimburse them later? Thanks!

It should be doable to split. The only exception in if you pre order at bog for b/fast ir lunch. They will not split that. They only allow 1 payment method for pre orders also.

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I have met family members at meals some with dining plans, some not and one time a combo of Disney visa rewards/cash/dining plan and it has never been an issue. Of course. As @mumcalsop noted, the preordering at BOG for breakfast and lunch is the exception.

This is the first, I heard about pre-order at BOG. So if we have a reservation for 12 at BOG, there is no way to pre-order and place on three separate dining plans? The only option is to wait in line?

Yep. Or one group pays and other groups pay another day. You would be better with 3 seperate reservations. You self seat ( as its cs)and biggest table we saw for lunch was 8. So you will prob have to split up anyway… Have managed to get a adr for 12?


Yes, I have lunch ADR for 12 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Thanks for the heads up.

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