Splitting Entrees?

I’m more of a grazer- preferring many small snacks throughout the day instead of a big, heavy meal. My family really wants a lunch table service meal at HS. Can we reserve a restaurant for all 6 of us, but just order 4 entrees? If that’s allowed, is the etiquette questionable? I know I’ll end up wasting a bunch of food otherwise!

Unless the restaurant is prix-fix (none of those in HS I think) you can reserve and eat anything you care to… even only deserts if that’s what you want. No-one will stop you, no-one will judge. Have a great time!


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That’s correct, except for prix fixe and buffets you can order as little as you want.
I do encourage you to tip as if you had ordered entrees.

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WDW table service waiters make plenty of money from tips. People don’t need to bankrupt themselves overinflating tips out of misplaced guilt that the wait staff are eking out a meagre living and struggle to put food on their own tables.

By this argument I should pay a 40% tip because I dine alone at a table that can seat two. Or maybe 50% because I don’t drink alcohol.

Don’t fancy dessert? Up your tip to 30% or the server’s kids will starve.


Welcome to the forum @kjeldgaasj20 ! We always share entrees at TS restaurants. It allows us to order a couple of apps and desserts too.


And, yes, welcome to the forum @kjeldgaasj20.

The people here are super-friendly. Except me. I’m British and the US tipping system enrages me.


I’m not British and I don’t have a problem with the tipping system (or rather, I DO have a problem with it but it’s with the system that pays servers an unliveable wage and then expects us to make up the difference) but this made me raise an eyebrow. Is there a base price that I’m supposed to tip on? If I only have a salad do I have to tip as though I’ve had a steak?

Not to derail the thread, but I don’t want the original poster to feel like this is something everybody does and should do.



You have to tip as if you had the artisanal cheese and charcuterie plate, then the filet mignon (with lobster enhancement), and then the cheesecake. All washed down with a glass of sauvignon blanc, and another of cabernet and a dessert wine. I’m assuming you started with a cocktail. If not you’ll need to add that.

So a tip of 150% should cover the two minutes it took your server to carry your salad from the kitchen to your table.

BTW If you’re wondering how your server can afford to drive a Lexus and send four kids to college, well, now you know.


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Thanks everyone!

WDW appear to be blocking this ‘loophole’ by only allowing table searches for 4 people to successfully show availability. Now I know who to blame! Please take your imaginary friends and wine and dine them until they are fully satiated.


No, you tip on what you actually ordered.

Some/many of us adjust based on the service provided. Many have a percent range and pick the percent based on the quality of service. Some of us regularly eat outside the norm in such a way to require more service, so we raise the tip to match. For example, it isn’t unusual for me to need many soda refills at a lunch meal. My bill might be cheap enough that the calculated tip would be $2 rounded up. But, I got 5 soda refills, which are free and require more work. I figure a $1 for each refill, so the min. tip would be $5, and I’d probably leave $6-7. Although, prices have gone up since I made that rule, so maybe I should use $1.50/refill.

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@mousematt , you’re welcome to wine and dine me instead of imaginary friends. At least then if you want to rant about something it won’t look so odd….:wink:



Yeah, that’s a big “nope” from me on tipping on more than what you ordered.

OP, my husband and I always split when at WDW, otherwise we’d have leftovers and who wants leftovers on vaca? Not these folks. Have a great time! Welcome to the forum!

We - extended family group - had lunch at 50’s Prime Time a couple of years ago. I had an appetizer and a root beer float. :yum:

Just the right amount.

eta for info: I tipped on the amount that the two items cost. We were over the 5 folks allowed to decide our own %.