Splitting a day between AK/HS

Booked a quick overnight solo stay in May and planning to visit MK on arrival day and then would like to split departure day between AK and HS. 1st visit to Pandora and just want to hit my favs before heading home. I don’t have to leave the second park until 6:30pm, how would you break up the day? Both parks scheduled for 9a open no EMH.

  1. RD AK doing Pandora (FOP, NRJ), EE, KRR, KS and FotLK (if time). Then head to HS for TSMM, ToT, RnRC, ST, and BatB (if time).
  2. RD HS and then head to AK.

And which park should I make my FPPs at?

Pandora first. It’s the only plan that makes sense at this juncture.

In another year+ when SW:GE opens? Then it will be a different question.


I thought so, too. But I created TPs for all scenarios and they all have me finishing the day at the same time?!?
I assume making sure I am front of the pack for AK RD (which should be easy enough using Uber/Lyft. No kids or DH to slow me down or sleep in. Lol) and then using FPP for HS (TSMM, ToT and ST) is the best strategy?

Think about the reverse, though. If you RD HS, you should be able to pick up TSMM, ToT and ST with minimal waits, but, you’re going to have longer waits in AK, due to wanting to do more and the availability of FPs on the levels you want. By the time you get to AK, NRJ will be 45 min+(guess), and while you’ll save some time on EE and KS with your FPs, the time waiting in Pandora, both for NRJ and the FP return on FoP probably negate any advantage you get from the short waits at HS.

I don’t want to downplay the value of the optimizer, but, in this case, I feel like there’s an unspoken value to getting the attractions with the longest lines at WDW done first.

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