How bad is Splitsville?

I have now not only once, but twice, snagged an ADR for my family at Homecomin’ for NYE - party of 10, no small feat!

One member of the party is still hanging on to Splitsville because there are kids in the party who want to bowl. I’ve explained that there is no guarantee to bowl as it is first come first served and obviously packed on NYE.

Can anyone provide any other info or supporting evidence to help me guide them in their choices? Is the food at Splitsville really as bad as I’ve heard?

Where did you hear that the food is bad? I have always heard that the food is great. I thought people rave about the sushi?


Interesting - I’ve heard on a few podcasts best/worst Disney springs that it just isn’t worth it. Basically an overpriced gimmick.

I hope you’re right! Want them to have a good time and there a few non Disney lovers in the bunch - don’t need to give them any ammo!

I agree though- I would go to Homecoming!

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Can’t wait - 2/15!!! (Again!)


I’ve not eaten there, but every review that I’ve read has been good… But you can bowl there without eating there…


What I’ve heard and read (including in the Unofficial Guide is this, there is way too many types of food for any place to do them all well. I haven’t eaten there, only going on what I’ve heard and read.

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I’ve seen it described as some of the best food at Disney Springs. You can book a lane in advance - I assume this is still true on NYE. I’d probably still go to Homecoming, but I hate bowling!


We’ve been 3 times and had a good time every time. NYE might be different, but we always were able to bowl. Food was fine, but we weren’t there for the food. If you’re looking for a fun time, Splitsville won’t disappoint.

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