Looking at going to Splitsville primarily to bowl next month (August). We would be there first thing on a Thursday morning. I’m wondering if I will need to reserve a lane. I wouldn’t think so, but then again, what do I know? I’d like to keep plans loose in case we need to make a change. Also, can you order food from your lane, or do you need an ADR for that? I looked on their site but it didn’t seem to indicate.

Hi kjmollypup,

There is no need to make reservations. I’ve been there twice and got a lane with no problem at all. And yes, you order food directly from your lane. I’m not even sure if you can reserve a lane or make ADRs.

At the entrance you will pay for your lane and rent shoes, then be taken to your lane. Once there and you start bowling, a waiter or waitress will come and take care of you - menus, drinks, etc. You never have to leave your lane for anything.

If I recall correctly, you get just over an hour to bowl. We were able to get two full games in for a party of four.

Hope this helps!

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That definitely helps! It’s all the info (and reassurance) that I needed. Thanks so much!