Split stays

Has anyone done a split stay? I am thinking my son would love the monorail going through the hotel at the Contemporary, but we cannot afford a week long stay there. Am I crazy for considering this? Any drawbacks other than the pain of having to move?

I looked into a split stay this past trip but decided to just stay at WL the whole time.

No, you are not crazy for it. I’d love to spend a week at AKL with a savanna view but cant usually afford that. So a split stay for the monorail is definitely not crazy.

We did this on our last stay. We spent four nights at Port Orleans and then 3 nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge. As long as you stay organized the move isn’t really that big of a deal. Bell Services will actually transfer your bags for you as long as you understand it will take several hours to get them at the new resort.

We booked our AKL stay through orbitz to take advantage of additional discounts too so that made it even more reasonable.


I just booked my FPs this morning for my upcoming split stay. I love trying new resorts/staying at my favorites! It is so easy and so much fun to plan!

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We did a split stay in 2013 (1 week at Pop and 1 week at CBR). It’s a great way to get 2 vacations in one! Bell services makes it super easy. Doing the same in June (1 week at CSR and 1 week at POR).

Done split stays before, and we’ve enjoyed them. Previously, we’ve done values for days we’re open to close in the parks, and mods when we’re planning on actually using the resort amenities. In April we’ve got 4 hotels in 9 nights: Portofino Bay at Universal, ASMu as a transitional night, WL for 3 days for a package, and POR for 4 nights to commando the parks.

Granted we haven’t done this with kids and always rent a car.

We just did a split stay - with a DC in-between :slight_smile: !! 2 nights @ the Boardwalk and then 9 nights @ Old Key West. We’ve just recently become DVC owners so I see split stays in our future.

My husband loved the split stay cause it made the trip seem more “interesting” :open_mouth: Those are his words! ha!

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