Split stays and multiple magic bands


For those of you that do split stays do you typically order multiple sets of magic bands for each hotel or just use one set for the whole trip? My park tickets are linked to my first stay and I wonder if it’s easier to just use that first set of bands the whole time.


I wouldn’t do a split stay but if I did I’d definitely get all the bands.


Get all the bands you can! Order a different color so you can coordinate with your outfit. :slight_smile:


I like this idea! I’ll compromise on some of my fashion choices when I am at Disney, but color-coordination- nope!
Do we get magic bands if our split stay is at one of the Official Disney Hotels (Hilton Buena Vista Palace) and then BWI?


So sorry, I’m not sure about Hilton Buena Vista?? I’ve never stayed there.


I don’t normally do split stays even within Disney resorts, but our travel dates are iffy so I tacked that on front of our BWI stay. I hope we will get the bands there, they have all the other resort perks like 60 day FP booking, MDE linkage, etc. I would love to have two sets!


Let us know if you get them.


Google suggests you don’t get them.


I always suspected Google was evil, now I know for sure. :rofl:


I wonder if I can use my BWI magic bands while I’m at the Hilton? Just for the ticket & fast passes. We are only there two days and it overlaps with BWI by one day of course.


I get all the magic bands I can. I have all the colors by now :slight_smile:

Your park tickets are linked to YOU. Not to either stay. So no matter which band you have or use, it will work to access your tickets.

@Pod if you link your tickets you should be able to use your MB for them while at Hilton. Again, the bands are linked to YOU, not your stay.


Great! I must say, I like you better than I like Google.


I’m way cuter and more fun!


When do you have to activate the second set of bands? When you check in to the second hotel? Or are both sets active at all times with ADR, FPP and hotels?


I have 2 reservations at the same resort and have the option to order a 2nd set of magic bands but DH only wants one color. :roll_eyes:
Having 2 colors of bands to coordinate with my shirt/hat combo for the day might set of my OCD and make me late to the parks!!! :crazy_face:


The bands are active once they ship. You can use whichever band you want for whatever part of your stay.

To help you better understand: I often bring multiple bands from past trips so that I can coordinate my magic band with my outfit or for my plans for the day. Any active band will access any reservation that is linked to you.






Thank you, I don’t know why I never quite wrapped my head around this before, but now I get it!


It took me a while too. That’s why I think it was helpful to share about using past MBs - that’s when I finally understood that it’s the person, not the reservation, its linked to.

One word of caution - always be sure that whichever band you are using will open your door. It shouldn’t be an issue, but just in case the battery ran out if it’s a super old one. I always test mine before leaving for the day when it’s not a new one.