Split Stays - ADRs & FPP

I know this has come up in a lot of posts but I didn’t pay it a lot of attention. Now that I have a split stay and my ADR date is this Saturday, I want to be sure I understand it all.

We are staying at AoA for two nights, Oct 24 and 25th. Then we check in on the 26th to GF Villas (booked via renting points from a DVC member) on Oct 25th for 5 nights, checking out on the 31st. I’ve linked everything on MDE including our 7 day park tickets.

ADRs: Do we need to book them for the two stays separately? Book the first two days on this Saturday, then have to wait two days/til Monday to book the next 5 days?

FPP: Can book the entire 7 day window?

Sorry, just saw that eorders467 asked a similar question just recently - but sounds like this Saturday I can book the 24th, 25th **and 26th (because it’s my first check out date), right?

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Yes, that is correct.

Wow. Good to know. That is not how FPP works for split stays.

To clarify, this is how things work for split stays.

FPs can be booked for the whole time that you have continuous onsite reservations, ie: no gap in the middle.

Now there were a few weeks earlier this year when that didn’t happen, they mucked up an IT upgrade and split stays were treated separately. That has been fixed.

For ADRs you have separate booking windows. Unless you are a DVC Member, when Member Services can book for your subsequent stays.


In this case I only answered @sbbradshaw regarding ADRs. The first stay, including check out day, is available to book at 180. I hate to even guess how fast passes will work in October!


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I fixed that twice !

Highlighting and autocorrect may work…

Perhaps this simply a case of “Third time’s the charm” :wink: :rofl:


Great information

I have booked FPP at 50 something days or so with a split stay so I cannot say definitively on that one, but have been told even by GS on the phone your tickets are “attached” for lack of a better word to the first reservation. Then they link to your second stay but do not start over, of course, due to pricing. So you book FPP for all days at 60. I totally did not know that anout ADR. Good info everyone!

++ @PrincipalTinker … just booked my ADRs last weekend and can confirm this is how it worked.

While on the phone with the Internet Help Desk, the CM indicated that the FPP window will soon follow the ADR algorithm.

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That is weird. FPs were following the same split rules for a while. They fixed it mainly because it is a major issue for DVC. I expect there is something big coming with FPs and it will impact everything.

To be fair, we all know that phone CMs in general have no clue. I wouldn’t necessarily expect accurate info from them. Even if something big comes and changes everything, which is likely, I doubt phone CMs have had a heads up about it.

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That was my first thought but it seems as if this came from IT and they are a little more dependable.

I swear that post didn’t mention IT earlier.

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