Split stay

Thinking about doing a split stay. We are currently at POP for 10 days. I was thinking5-7 days at POP and then maybe going over to Port Orleans Riverside, CSR, or Wilderness lodge for the rest. Need suggestions on which one would be better. There are 4 of us, 2 adults, 2 kids 12 and 15.

WL is great since it is deluxe and you can take the boat to MK. Also, it is more compact (everything is basically in the same area. POR and CSR are much more spread out. You have to walk from your building to the lobby/food court area and sometimes that can be quite a ways. WL has one bus stop (although it will share buses with another resort). WL will cost more than POR and CSR. POR has a great good court and a boat to DS (you can also take a bus). If you plan on spending time at DS POR may be the best choice.

One nice thing about WL is that some of the rooms have a set of bunkbeds instead of a second queen bed. That might work for your ages of kids.

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If we do a switch I think that I am going to go with WL for the 4 days. My only concern is the whole idea of packing up and getting everything moved. We will have a car and we plan ongoing to Epcot that day to do the world showcase so will be leaving later. Do we have to switch over magicbands.
When I called to get a quote she told me to get the 10 day ticket on the first reservation and then get the room and dining on the second. but can you just get the room and dining plan only on the second reservations because I read somewhere that youhave to be AP to do that. Also does your refillable mug follow with you or will we have to buy a anew one.
If we have Disney do our luggage do they actually put it in your room because we don’t plan on coming back that day until late.

I can address a few things for you.

You can use the same magic band for the whole trip. Just link both reservations to your MDE account.

You refillable mug will be fine. The length of stay purchase has always been more than a 2 week period (even when we’re only there for 8 days). It works at any quick service resort location.

Disney will bring your luggage to bell services at the 2nd hotel. You just need to pick it up there. We’ve done 2 split stays and that’s my recollection. I don’t believe they delivered to the room the way they would if it were coming via Magical Express. Bell services is available 24/7 as far as I know.

I agree with the advice to get the park tickets for the full length of stay, and then you can purchase the dining plan for each stay separately. We don’t have APs. I buy our tickets from Official Ticket Center. They stand on their own, regardless of where you stay.

You can add the dining plan on your 2nd stay through your TA or calling Disney. You no longer need to purchase tickets.

You can put your luggage in your car or call down to bell services and they will send someone up to your room. When you check into your next resort you call down to bell services and they bring it up. I pack separate suitcases for each resort. I am saying to call down for a reason! If you are at the resort and you have a problem in your room I would walk to the front desk. Luggage is the one time you want your call and your luggage in the system! Disney is using a new central call system . If you have a problem in your room they create a “ticket”. Sometimes they even ask you what resort you are in! If you call for bell services a ticket will be created. If you have a problem they will be able to track your luggage if it is in their system!

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You can add the dining plan on your 2nd stay through your TA or calling Disney. You no longer need to purchase tickets. [/quote]

Is that across the board or just for split stays? I’d love to be able to have the option of purchasing a dining plan without having to get tickets.

I could be wrong, but I thought the only requirement for dining plan purchase was a valid hotel reservation on property. I think it’s always been linked to the number of days booked. So, you could have park tickets for 2 days but if you’re staying onsite for a week, you’d pay for the dining plan for the duration.

Yes! This is a relatively recent change! You cannot do it online- you have to call to add it. If you have a room only reservation and decide to add you change your reservation to a package (they cancel and re-book). Package rules apply.

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That’s awesome! My wife and I are in early planning for an “adults-only” trip using old non-expiring tickets and this gives us more options - up until now our only option for a dining plan purchase would have been to rent DVC points and buy the dining plan via the DVC owner.

This gives us a fallback option if we can’t get the DVC resort(s) we want on the dates we’d need them. But we’ve got time yet, this trip isn’t happening for another 3 years at least.

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