Split stay with DVC?

We have a reservation for 7 nights in a std room for our family of 6 in contemporary beginning a few days before my 3rd turns 3 (two under 3 at check in time). I’m considering a midweek change to a non-monorail location, for a change of scenery (hopefully more kid friendly theming), to get closer to the other parks since we’ll need to take a bus from Contemporary anyway, and possibly to get more space. I’m wondering about a DVC rental for the second half of the week (added bonus of getting to do laundry and more room for my littles.) At time of midweek change, I’ll have a 3 yr old instead of a nearly 3 yr old. I’m not sure what that means for her needing ticket, etc. We like contemporary for monorail and walking access to MK since we’ll be coming back to resort for naps. I kind of like the idea of the first night or two being not DVC bc then I get to manage my magic express, etc. The Any thoughts on the split stay with dvc, or other thoughts on the best way to optimize space, access, and theming while staying in the same cost ball park as a std room at contemp?

When you book the DVC room, just keep that child’s age at 2. Honestly, Disney doesn’t know when your child’s birthday is. I’d keep that info under wraps.

Not sure what you mean about “managing magic express”. DVC renters can take ME both to and from the airport.

If you haven’t rented points before, you need to check out a site like http://www.dvcrequest.com/
You will get all the info you need regarding room capacity and cost.

Hope that helps!

You’ll already have the tickets I assume, so that will be fine. The only potential cost I can see would be if you wanted the dining plan. Technically you would have to pay for the newly turned 3 year old. In that case, just put her down as 2. Otherwise you should be fine, unless I’ve overlooked something.

As for where, maybe Beach Club villas, then you have stormalong bay and easy access to Epcot and DHS.