Split-Stay with Annual Pass and Resort Options


I’m sure this topic has been covered, but search isn’t helping me find a thread that matches my exact situation.

I am an Annual Passholder, with a tentative trip planned for October. That is feeling really, really far away and I am being tempted by the AP room discounts currently being offered for spring. I am considering booking a “last-minute” solo trip for mid-May.

I have never stayed onsite before and can’t afford to do so for an entire week. I am thinking of splitting my stay: 3 nights onsite and 3 or 4 off. With an Annual Pass, how would the 60-day FPs work? How many days in total can I book 60 days in advance? And can I book them all at once or one day at a time?

Second question: Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs are both under refurbishment (not ideal? I don’t really know how annoying that would be…) but they are the two resorts I am eyeing because they fit with my budget and are available on the dates I am shooting for. I have visited and eaten at a few WDW resorts but never set foot inside either one of these…any thoughts on these two options?

Thanks! :smile:

I can answer your FP question. On day 60 you can book your complete on site stay including check out day. That would be 4 days total. Then, you will be able to book 3 more days, one day at a time at day 60.

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So, 7 days total for AP holders? Do they have to be consecutive? For example, if I stay onsite for 3 nights (giving me 4 days to book all at once), then want to have a non-Disney day (shocking, I know), can I skip a day and then book three more days, one at a time? Or can I only book 2 more days if I skip one?

I hope that makes sense…

You will be confined by the 7 day AP limit. You can make only 3 days and then any 4 one day at a time. If you want FoP you may want to skip an early day and book your 4th day.

Is it 7 days total for AP holders regardless of the number of nights I stay on-site? So if I split my stay 2/5, I still get 7 days, but I can only book the first 2 at once? (Sorry for all the questions! Just trying to wrap my brain around this! 30 days is so much simpler…)

If all your days were onsite you would have up to 14 days but you are limited by the 7 days total since your onsite stay is less than 7.

I don’t understand this question? You can book your first 4 days?

I’m sorry! I think I am asking these questions in the most confusing way possible! :upside_down_face: Let me see if I am understanding this correctly:

If I stay onsite for fewer than 7 nights, my AP entitles me to 7 days’ worth of FPs, correct? When I hit that 60-day mark, however, I can only book FPs for the days that I am on site all at one time (including check-in and check out days). So if I decide to spend 3 nights on site I can book 4 days all at once, then up to 3 days more one day at a time. If I decide to only spend 2 nights on site, then I can book 3 days all at once and then the remaining 4 in increments, one day at a time. Am I correct so far?

I don’t want to muddy the waters, but I am wondering what happens if I want to insert 1 or 2 non-Disney days after my onsite stay. So if I stay onsite for 3 nights and book 4 days of FPs, do my remaining 3 days need to be booked consecutively, immediately after the 4? If I want to take a day off from Disney after I check out of my resort, do I lose out on one of my remaining FP days, or do I still get to book 3 additional days? In other words, can there be gaps in my 7 total days, or do I have to use them conscutively?

Does that make more sense? Or is it even more confusing… :grimacing:

You are right about your onsite stay, l think the other piece is my fault. Let me try to explain. When you have an onsite stay the FP window opens 60 days from your onsite stay. That 60 day opens up for all 60 days before your stay. That 60 day window always stay open until your stay is over. So, on check in day your FP window will extend to that day and the next 59 days. That window opens one day at a time. If you had a one night stay, 55 days before that night your FP window will extend 5 days past check in.

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Is this true of AP holders though?

A similar conversation I’ve been part of suggests that, for AP holders, they haven’t been getting that rolling 60 day window.

It has always been true for me with an AP but not with a ticket booked with a package. Those tickets never open before but did open after for me. There was a post last week on chat two weeks ago that it was working. Edited to add the more than 7 days has been glitchy?

Cool! I thought it should, but started doubting it when someone said it didn’t work for them. Could have been some time ago though,

Agreed about packages being glitchy. Actually I think it was you who explained that to me a while back.

I know APs are glitchy when you have 2 onsite bookings that are not continuous stays. That throws things off for the second onsite stay.

OT, but I find sometimes people are loathe to accept that things changed big time a couple years ago, making things much easier (that goes for setting up MDE, fastpasses for split stays etc).

I am trying to get a few AP holders in chat just to confirm! They are trying to shut it all down but then I would be afraid we will lose the 60 day split stay window!

On chat it was just confirmed. A liner has a March stay can book today to May 2nd.


Thank you!

So I ended up booking May 14-16 at Coronado Springs (2 nights)! First time staying on WDW property and I am super excited! :tada:

Planning to end my trip with those nights, staying off-property from 5/9-5/14. TP is telling me that I can make FPs “as early as March 15th.” So on 3/15, my FP window will open for all dates leading up to and including 5/16? Currently, I can only book FPs for now through 4/10, but when I hit that 60-day-prior-to-onsite-check-in mark, everything between now and 5/16 will open up, correct?

Should do, yes!

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