Split stay. Same resort. Different categories

I have a “split stay” at the Contemporary. The first night is a single booking (room only) at a garden STANDARD view. The next 4 nights stay is a package booking at a garden GARDEN view. My TA said that the two reservations are linked together.

I want to do a room request through TP. I would like to have the GARDEN view for my whole trip (I don’t want to move rooms after one day). What is the best way to do this in the TP request?

Should I also check in online? If so, do I check in for both reservations or only one of them (i.e. the STANDARD view or the GARDEN view booking)?

Any help would be appreciated!

If you haven’t paid for a garden view the first night, don’t expect to get it. You can request it and you might get it if you’re lucky, but from Disney’s point of view, if you wanted that category you should have booked and paid for it.

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We had originally booked the 4 day package and then later decided to add on a day. The standard view was the only booking left for the extra day so I took it rather than having to stay at an entirely different resort. I was just hoping that I won’t have to move rooms after the first night in order to get the view that I had originally paid for in the package. Any thoughts on how to do the TP request or online check-in?

I would call within 5 days of arrival and then at check in talk to a person to ensure you don’t have to move. They are usually very accommodating.

I’ll bet you could ask to stay in your Standard view room for 5 nights, and get that request honored, if it’s that important that you don’t move rooms. But if you haven’t paid for the better room on the first night, why would you expect them to put you in one?

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I would just complete the free text box explaining why you want the same room. I don’t know if it makes any difference if you do online check in or not.

I understand your reasons - I just don’t think you should get your hopes up. Assume you’ll have to move, and if you don’t it’s a bonus.

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I agree I would just put your request in the comments box on the TP fax request form. Keep in mind since the Garden view wasn’t available to add another night on that means it’s likely sold out, and truthfully probably oversold a bit to account for last minute cancellations so it’s not necessarily an issue of having not paid for that view but literally a lack of space available.

Like others have said you can request and just hope for the best. Maybe just don’t unpack the first day in case you have to move.

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Have you or your TA phoned to see if they can sell you a garden view for that first day? It sounds like that’s what you wanted to purchase anyway, so it’s not like you’re just hoping for a free upgrade.