Split Stay - Questions About Park Tickets

We have a reservation booked in November with FD. We have 5-Day Park Hopper Tickets booked on this reservation.

Our plans are changing and we have decided to begin our Disney vacation 3 days before our current reservation. We will be staying at a different resort with a Room Only Reservation than where our FD Package is booked.

The question is, can we add extra days onto our 5-Day PH tickets and start using them BEFORE we check into the resort where we have the FD Package with PH Tickets?

We are hoping to avoid purchasing 3-Day tickets for the first part of our trip and then the additional 5-Day PH tickets for the second half of the vacation…

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You can call and add the days. The problem is that others that have done this have had to wait until they have arrived to activate the tickets and they have not been able to make FPs at day 60 of their firsts trip. If you had tickets with your first stay as a package or discounted tickets and room only reservations you would be able to make FPs for both stays.

If I add the tickets plus the PH to the 1st part of the trip and remove them from the 2nd part, would I still qualify for the FD if I somehow link the 2 trips?

No, you need park hopper tickets with your free dining. It seems to work for fast passes with almost every other reservation but free dining and those tickets seems to mess it up.