Split Stay post reopening?

Curious if anyone has done a split stay recently? I am now replanning my cancelled May 2020 trip (AoA/Kidani split) but now I wonder if switching resorts will be not be worth it. I have’t heard officially, but I imagine Disney will not move your bags like they used to do.

There have been multiple reports that Disney is still moving luggage.


Yep still moving bags for you.


good to know, thanks!

Yes, I had a split stay in October and the luggage transfer worked perfectly!


I think they just stopped MDE moving luggage from MCO to your hotel (i.e., you have to load your luggage on the bus yourself), did I get that right?



And also the resort airline check-in for the return trip. All luggage goes with you to and from the airport. That is contracted out, whereas the moving stuff between resorts is in house.


Also do know that at the second resort, they will not bring the luggage if you are not in your room. So when you are there, call and ask for it to be brought.

Not exactly. What they’re not doing is getting your luggage at MCO for you. You have to get it from baggage claim and bring it to the bus. Once there, the driver will load it and unload it for you. Maybe that’s what you meant, but just wanted to clarify.

Yes sorry that’s what I meant.

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Good to know. Thanks.