Split Stay Pool Use

On the day we are transferring from the Riv DVC to BLT DVC we want to use the pool. It will be after our checkout time at the Riv but before our check in time at BLT. Which pool we can use midday? If that answer is either which pool would you reccomend? Also can we use the main resort pool at the Contemporary? Which one would you reccemend b/t BLT and the Cont?

You can use either pool on your transfer day. And when at Bay Lake you can use the Contemporary pools too.

I haven’t been to Riviera so can’t comment. Bay Lake is small but has a splash area, kiddie slide and big slide. And the pool bar is right at the pool. Contemp pool is much bigger, but the pool bar is further away. I used it once, not very exciting. I preferred the BLT one.

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Both! Hooray! :smiley:

Also to add. I can’t remember if there’s any public area at BLT where you can look down on the pool to see it’s “secret”. A true lake view room on a higher floor will do, even 3 floors up. I certainly didn’t notice it when I was actually at the pool.

Also I do know that Riviera has an amazing water playground area which is Fantasia themed.

The Riviera pool is much bigger than the BLT pool. I’d probably choose BLT though so I didn’t have to travel while fresh out of the pool and could just go to my room.

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I’d choose BLT too b/c it’s away from the public eye. I don’t like pools areas that force me to walk through lobby’s or have main pathways nearby. Riv is right outside QS and the path to SL.