Split Stay or Same Resort?

I currently have a 13 day reservation at Port Orleans French Quarter (solo) & am wondering if I should keep it or split the stay between POFQ & Grand Destino Tower @ Coronado Springs. Never stayed there before & the tower looks lovely. How is the bus transportation from CS? It looks pretty spread out. Is it a far walk from the tower to the main pool? Would you pack up & move to another resort or just stay at the same one the entire stay?


We did a split stay (twice!). For a longer trip, I think it can be fun to change. But if the trip is shorter, I don’t know that I’d want to have to deal with the hassle of moving rooms. You have 13 days…to me that’s a great opportunity to do a split-stay. If you aren’t entirely sure about GD, you could just do a couple days there either at the front or back end of the trip so you can know for the future.


13 days I would do a split stay! We did one on a shorter stay and it was so fun. New pools, new restaurants to check out!


I’m usually anti-split, personally, because of the hassle of moving, but I’d make an exception for a trip longer than, say, 8 days.


Agree that split works for this long of a trip, and you will love Gran Destino… it feels luxurious, beautifully themed, great rooms.

(Edited to add) bus transportation is fine - seemed like the tower was the first stop in the resort for pickups and the last for drop-offs when we were there, so got on buses but took longer in the evenings to get back.


I have 5 hotels for 14 nights. I personally love split stays as the change in resort definitely changes the vibe of the trip. The tower at CSR is awesome. Basically a deluxe resort within a moderate. The walk to the main pool is a tiny bit of a hike, but not prohibitively so. I’ve also had decent bus service there too. They frequently used charter buses while I was there which were nice and cushy at the end of a long park day.


The tower at CSR is quite fabulous. It’s so lovely. The resort is beautiful. The walk to the pool from the tower is not bad. Plus all the lounges and restaurants are centrally located to the tower.
I think for 13 days doing two resorts makes sense. Split stays don’t make sense for short trips but your trip is long.


Thank you, everyone! I’ve taken your advice and done a split stay!! Was able to get a king bed standard view tower room & even ended up saving another $45!! I did it halfway through so it’ll give me plenty of days at each resort.


It looks like you’ve already decided but I agree with this! Split stays are fun but they can be a hassle. Long stays can get boring without a change though, so I would recommend switching by day 7 or so.