Split Stay online check-in

Should I check in online to both of our resorts for next week, or just the first one? (Again, concerned about DDP credits and such).

I always check in online for both stays if for no other reason than to tell them what time you will be there. Are you checking into the second resort after you use that last credit (just in case?)

That was kind of my thought. And, we don’t really know what time we will physically be there. If we can’t physically check in until 3, we may be meandering, and we have an ADR at Epcot for dinner.

Basically, I guess my question is, is online check in the same thing as stopping at the desk and announcing you’re there? Or is it more like a preregistration phone call at the doc’s office, to make sure the paperwork is correct? :wink:

Online check in can allow you to completely skip the front desk. They will text you the room and your MB will open the door!