Split stay, moving luggage, how does that work?!

Thinking of starting at Port Orleans and moving to AOA. Wondering about the logistics of moving. Do you take your luggage to check or bell services and they take it to the other resort for you or do they get it from your room or do you have to take it?!


I believe I’ve read elsewhere that you can take your bags to bell services at the resort you’re leaving, and they will be delivered to bell services at the resort you’re checking into. I don’t believe there’s a charge for the service, but tipping would be customary.

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Its been awhile since we did it - but they take care of it all. Leave stuff at front desk and they will have it at the other hotel. If you have anything that is ESSENTIAL take it with you in case they don’t transfer in time.

Now when we did it - things were separate reservations so if you have dining or other things - you basically have to do it twice as each hotel is done differently. However as a whole - very easy - very accommodating. My only suggestion is going from a lesser hotel to a nicer hotel if possible

we would go from a regular room at POR to a family suite at AOA, so I would consider that moving up. I just don’t know if it is all worth the hassle!

I think it also depends on how long it takes you to nest / clean up in a room.

If it is a hastle - then probably not - if you don’t mind it - sure go for it.

One time we were going from Wilderness Lodge to All Star (yes I know - told my wife it was a bad idea but she was insistent). Bing bang boom. Ended up speaking to the Manager at Wilderness Lodge. She asked how much I was paying a night at WL and how much I would pay at All Star - it was about a $200 / night different. She said if we split the difference will you stay at WL? YUP. It was AWESOME and I wrote her boss a VERY positive email.


You can phone bell services when you’re ready. They’ll ask how many bags and any chilled or frozen? They will come with a trolley, pick it all up and arrange for it to be transferred.

When you get into your new room, you phone bell services and ask for it to be delivered to your room. Let them know if there was any chilled and /or frozen bags, just in case they miss them.

Tip both times!

We have done it several times. The last time there was confusion, as Kidani didn’t transfer it, and we were late back from the parks. But to their credit, bell services at Kidani had it brought over immediately. It was bit of a pain having to wait in for it but these things will happen occasionally, so we just chilled out with a drink on the balcony.


I love split stays and will book them for any trip over 4 nights. I agree with @Nickysyme. You need to call from your room. I usually do this first thing in the morning. Bell services are quick but I always allow a half hour for this. The problem with the new systems Disney have recently put in (over the last couple of years) is that everything goes through a central center. If you pick up the phone and call Bell Services, the front desk or housekeeping - you are not talking to someone in your resort. Gen you call from you room the call is logged into the system and they start to track your luggage. If you bring it to bell services and want to send your luggage somewhere you have skipped an important step. Usually it is not an issue but if something goes wrong it is an important difference.

I then go to a park (after tipping bell services) and then take Disney transportation to my next resort. Once in my room I call down for my bags (tipping again).

It is very easy and so much fun to experience multiple resorts!


so you call them and they will come get your luggage from your room? Do you have to be there?

Yes. They will give you a receipt for the no. of pieces.

and you have to be there or no?

Yes you have to be there. Both for collecting at resort 1 and for delivery at resort 2.

I do not think I ever had to wait more than 10 minutes for them to pick up or drop off my luggage but I always plan on 30

This is really helpful information. Last time we took our luggage downstairs and dropped it off. When we arrived at our next resort, not only was our luggage not there, but they had no record of where it was. Super helpful to know that if we call from our room there will be better tracking.

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Hi! My family and I will be spending 5 nights at POR and then moving over to Wildrrness Lodge . My question is if we buy refillable mugs at POR will we be able to use it at the WL?

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Yes, refillable mugs are good at all the resorts for the length of your stay.

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They activate them for 14 days and they are good at all the resorts throughout your stay.

@PrincipalTinker, could you explain this a bit more? I remember when we first picked up our mugs they took a sticker off and scanned the mug, but they didn’t ever scan them after this. How do they track this?

There is a RFID chip in the mugs (don’t put them in a microwave at the resort ). When you buy the mug it is activated for 14 days. The soda machines have chip readers- they will not activate (although Captain Cook’s hasn’t had one the last few times I have been there) unless your mug has days. You also have to wait a few minutes between refills. When I get one I usually throw a clean mug in my backpack in the morning if I think I will be going near any resorts since I can fill up at all resorts.

Very interesting! I had no idea about this. Thank you for clarifying.