Split stay guestions

we are renting points for 10 day trip this August., linking three separate rentals.One night standard studio kidani village, two night standard studio kidani village, six nights standard studio poly. First -we would like to stay in same room for all three nights at kidani. Second- can we make fast pass + reservations starting 60 days out for whole trip or do we have to do them three separate times? Last- looking to extend park hopper plus tickets purchased from parksavers from seven to ten days. I know we have to wait until we use one day but am curious if there is anyway I can do fpp for 10 days. Thank you

You can only make FPs for how many days you have tickets. You will only be able to make 7 days but you can make them for any 6 days during your stays at day 60. I would plan the hard to get attract/days and then book the easier attraction/days when you upgrade.

Edited to add- often they let you stay. Note that request on your reservation and do a fax with the same request.

I’ve been in the having to move within the same resort (and same room type) situation twice. Once they let me stay in the same room, the other time it just wasn’t possible due to the way other people’s stays lined up. It can’t hurt to ask at every available opportunity.