Split stay, going from Beach Club to Animal Kingdom Lodge and Park

We will be staying at The Beach Club for 2 nights, going to Epcot and HS, then staying at Animal Kingdom lodge for one night. On our beach club departure day we are headed to do a day at Animal Kingdom Park and plan to have luggage transferred by Disney to Animal Kingdom Lodge. But, would it be easier and quicker to take an uber to AKL taking our own luggage and then from there take a bus to Animal Kingdom Park?

I think it will be easier (as long as you plan not to have your luggage until after 3) to have Disney move it. At the Beach Club you should call bell services from your room (a ticket is created in the system and luggage can be tracked from this point). They will ask you how many pieces of luggage. Bell services should also give you a receipt. You should tip them at pick up. When you get into your room at AKL call bell services and they will bring your bags up (tip again).

If you Uber you will still have to take a bus to a park.



I will be doing this as well with Bell services for our split stay and was wondering what is a good amount to tip for this? I’ve never done anything like that before and want to give them a fair tip!

You can also take your luggage yourself at bell services if it’s not a lot. I’m normally too impatient to wait on them to come all the way to my room especially in the morning.

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Agreed. There might be a line at bell services, but it’ll always be faster than waiting for them to come to the room.

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$1-$2 a bag is custom. With that said I would not tip less then $5 if I only had 2 or 3 bags.



A tipping question always makes things fun!

(not a jab at you @Juls1020 a jab at this group LOL)

Haha yeah I guess that could open up a can of worms but I truly just want to know what is typical! Thanks!