Split stay, FPP booking, and date changes

DF73 and I staying WL May 7-11… but if we get a seat sale I’m hoping :pray: to add in 3 days before at POFQ, May 4-7. :slight_smile:
Question: If I book it all and do FPP for 60 days before May 4 for the whole trip, but then have to cancel/shorten POFQ, then will I lose FPP? (Variation: If I hold onto reservation and don’t cancel until 30 day mark, do I keep FPP that way? I asked a similar question a year ago and wondering if any updates.)
It’s not like we want difficult FPP (no A&E here), but I also don’t want to go through making all the FPP then have to do them all again, several days later once I have my TPs set and FPP availability has fewer times available.

AFAIK once you have passed the 30-day mark you can cancel a room-only reservation in its entirety and your FPP reservations will still stay associated with your MDE account, so you should be OK here.

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