Split Stay FP Question

We are planning to do a split stay. 3 nights on site (Sat-Tues) and 4 nights (Tues-Sat) off site. With the on site we want to package it with 6 day park tickets and a dining plan. How many days can we book our fast passes for 60 days out? All 6 days or just Sat-Tues? Trying plan our park days and have priority rides that would need to be scheduled 60 days out. If we cannot do all 6 days then we’ll have to make sure the priority parks are done when we are on site. Thanks!

At 60 days out from check-in you can book for the first 4 days, until check-out day.

The 60 days rolls on, so at 60 days out from day 5 (wed) you can book for day 5 and so-on day by day.

If you’re trying for FoP, 7dmt and FEA you may want to try for days 4,3 and 2 respectively to maximise your chances. But definitely try to do AK on your switch-over day if you can.

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