Split stay FP+ 60th day

Ok, 60 day FP+ question…for some reason I can’t remember how this will work!
We are doing (sort of) a split stay in December. The first night we’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge - - just the one night b/c we found a better flight - and then the next day starts our 5 nights at Wilderness Lodge.
60 days before my Anima Kingdom Lodge arrival day will I be able to make fast passes day for my whole trip or just that first day then have to do it again the next morning??? :grimacing::grimacing:

Your bookimg window will open 60 days before your AKL check-in. You will then be able to book FPs for your entire stay.

However, if your WL stay is a package you won’t be able to book for that very first arrival day, because your tickets won’t be valid. You can activate them early onsite and use them then, but just not book FPs in advance.

If you bought the tickets separately (not in a package), whether from Disney or elsewhere, then you can book for arrival day.

Ok yes, so my WL stay is a package w/ my tickets, the first night at AKL is a room-only res. So does that mean my window opens 60 days prior to my WL stay only?

No, your window still opens based on your first night onsite, the AKL stay. But only for the dates of the package.

Think of it as getting an extra day jump on your package!

Oh ok I think I get it…so we arrive at AKL Dec. 7th, WL package on Dec. 8th. 60 days out from AKL arrival we can book FP selections for Dec 8th package and on? But nothing for 7th?

I do not think you can book FPs until you hit 60 days from WL since the tickets in a package extend out after the package but do not open before?


That’s what I was wondering too but I’ve gotten different info from different people lol. Like most of what I’ve been told is along the lines of my window will open for my entire stay, but I can’t make selections for that first night b/c the tickets don’t extend back to that day, so it’s kind of a jump on my package dates.

Her window should still open because of her onsite stay.

It’s the reservation that opens the window, but the tickets themselves aren’t valid until the package starts. Because they are on both reservations, they can start booking FPs but only for the duration of the package.

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There have been lots of reports that since there are no tickets it has not been working? The system cannot “see” the tickets until 60 days before the package?

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So this where I think there are different schools of thought, maybe?

In my experience the guy Hiro over on the DIS really knows their stuff, and has a multi page post on a sticky thread over there. It’s all tried and tested, and usually when someone counters it there’s a reason for it.

In this case for back to back stays (a split stay with no breaks) this is what it says:

Two Onsite Stays (Back-to-Back)

Package Stay followed by Room-Only (RO) Stay. The 60-day FP booking window will open at 60 days before the check-in date of the first (package) stay and will extend until the checkout date of the second (RO) stay.

RO Stay followed by Package Stay. The 60-day FP booking window will open at 60 days before the check-in date of the first (RO) stay and will extend until the checkout date of the second (package) stay. FPs can be booked for the package stay only; FPs cannot be booked for the room-only stay until tickets are activated at Guest Relations.

Two RO Stays. The 60-day FP booking window will open at 60 days before the check-in date of the first RO stay and will extend until the checkout date of the second stay (and potentially beyond). This assumes valid tickets are linked to the MDX account.

That middle paragraph is key. It assumes the people on both reservations are one and the same profile on MDE. It doesn’t work if you try to umbrella people in, say 2 people come down early with a RO stay and try to book for people arriving just for the package.

I’ve every confidence that if the evidence was there that things have changed they would be changing this. People ask this all the time and they’re always pointed back to it. And there’s a query from a couple of days ago with the same query, and it was Hiro who answered.

I think you’ve said before there are reports on chat that go against it. As I don’t have chat I don’t know the ins and outs. Maybe I should try to load the TP app onto my iPad!

At the end of the day, we know inconsistency is Disney IT’s middle name. Glitches aren’t unheard of. But it’s still worth trying.


Now that I read it the issue may be that on chat they want FPs on that first day. I am not sure if they have ever tried to then book the second day. Although I think free dining make have its own rules.

Thanks, I do not follow disboards - my own personal life choice :grinning:


I follow a handful of their threads, as they do have some very knowledgeable people over there.

But in general, I concur with your life choice! There’s too much of “ooh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you” rather than actual advice for my liking. Besides, liners are so much nicer. :smiley:


@haylekk, will you report back?

Absolutely I will! My FP date will be either 10/8 if I get to do it 60 days prior to my first “non-package” AKL night, I will keep you informed lol!

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Update: Ok so I called Disney guest services directly and was told by a CM that on my FP+ date for the AKL, room only night before my actual package at WL begins, my FP+ window will open and I will be able to make selections for my entire stay including that first day before the package.
I told her my tickets were part of m MYW package starting on the next day and no tickets were associated with the one night at AKL, she said it doesn’t matter as long as I have both reservations, thus tickets included, linked in my MDE account. So great news!

You said you will let us know when you book? I understand what you were told on the phone but that is not how it has worked. Often the people on the phone don’t have complete or correct info.

Edited to add that a report this morning on chat is confirming that it worked exactly as @Nicky_S reported (a nuance that was being lost in chat reports).

The window opened in day 60 of your room only but you can only book FPs starting on day 2. You have to go to Guest services when you arrive to activate day of FPs for your resort only stay.


This is what I’m slightly worried is the case…I’m skeptically hopeful lol.

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This is the most common answer I’m encountering.
On that note - how do I get guest services to activate FPs for my resort only day? I’d like to do that BEFORE we go b/c we all know FP availability on day of is not the same as advance…

I think it can only be done at a park or DS.


Just not over the phone ahead of time correct?
I am getting 7 day park tickets to cover all days we’re there, including the first day at AKL (doing AK park that afternoon/evening), so it drives me nuts that it can’t be done now lol.