Split Stay First Check-out Day ADR

I have a split stay for 2 nights at PO FQ then we transfer to POR for 6 nights. Today is my 180-day mark for ADRs for my first stay. I am able to search reservation times for the check-out day of our first stay (which is the check-in date for our second stay), but it will not let me actually make the reservation. I get the Lady and the Tramp “Sorry for the Paws” error telling me to try again later or call them. I understand I have two different check-in dates to do my 180-day ADRs, so the other 6 nights of my trip are not yet showing, but I thought I should be able to make the reservation for the day I am switching resorts. Is the system getting confused because I am booking on a check-in and check-out date?

Anyone else ever have trouble with this? My next 180-day mark is in two days, so I can wait until then, but I am a bit nervous that the ADRs I want to book for my 180+ days might end up getting the same error. Thanks for the help!!:slight_smile:

I would just call and do the ADR’s over the phone they might be able to do both stays right now.

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Thanks! I just called the WDW-DINE line and they were able to get me a reservation for my moving between resorts day. The CM started going through the process of taking my requests for the dates and times of all my other ADRs for the second stay and she was successful in finding them all, but when she went to “confirm” them the system would not let her. She explained that for that stay I was not within my 180-day window so she gave me the date that I could call back for.

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Our of curiosity and I digress from your actual question… but why split a stay between these two hotels? They seem fairly similar?

We stayed at Riverside last August and booked this year’s trip with the free dining bounceback offer. We decided to add a few extra nights at the beginning of the trip to take into account any possible travel glitches and to have extra time at the resort and Disney Springs, so these are non-park days. Last summer we spent time at FQ as well in the pool, splash area, and food court, so we figured we would give it a try since we couldn’t alter our existing reservation or we would lose free dining. Also since we plan on doing DS during those first few days we can use the boat transportation from PO to DS, which we also enjoyed last year. I gave my kids the choice of adding 1 night at AKL or 2 nights at FQ and they picked the 2. I am watching closely for a room only discount to open up though for that time to see if we could move to a deluxe instead for those two nights for a price a little more than what we are paying now.

That makes sense. When DS3 was DS-9-months, we stayed at one of the treehouse suites at Saratoga (to have a giant suite so my parents could help with kids), and my older kids really enjoyed the boat transportation to DS. Sometimes I forget how magical DIsney makes even the in-between stuff.