Split stay dining

I am doing a split stay, onsite for 3 days then offsite for the next 4. I am getting the dining package included for my onsite stay. will I only be able to use those dining credits in the first 3 days of my stay or can I spread them out for the duration of the 7 day trip?

The number of credits is based on the number of nights of your onsite stay.

The credits will,expire at 23:59 on your checkout day.

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ohh ok, I was hoping to stretch them out, since we will be there a total of 7 days… thank you for the info. good to know. I will book all my dining for the first four days of the trip!

You can use them from the beginning of your check-in day until 11:59pm on your check-out day, so you really have four days to use them. We didn’t plan well during our split stay and had a lot of QS meals left over that we rushed to use on our check-out day before we moved to a new location.