Split stay CBR/POP or just stay at CBR?

Long story involving a reservation made for Dec 2019 instead of 2018 - I have a reservation for the dates I need this December at CBR plus one at Pop that is off by 2 days. I could stay at CBR for the first 2 days, move to Pop the rest but would need to drop days from both reservations. I’ve done Pop for shorter trips and never been to CBR. Mommy/DD10 trip so space not that big a deal. Planning on using buses/lyft for transportation. CBR is about $600 more than split stay & I can’t decide if it’s worth it? We can afford it but I hate paying more if there isn’t value in moving to a moderate. Also, how is Disney about dropping days from a reservation? Thanks!

I am a fan of Caribbean Beach, personally. Realistically, though… If you’re not planning to make use of 1-the feature pool (with slide and hot tub), 2-the TS restaurant (Sebastians now) or are really interested in the new QS at CB, I would probably plan to stick with Pop.

You can find more exciting things to do with the $600, IMO.