Split stay booking- ticket changes- is this new? Yes it is- follow up?

Playing around with a new split stay idea for my trip. I went on to Disney… to check
out pricing.

Typically I would book a room and then all the number of day park passes together right?

When I select my first half, Disney will only allow me to pick the number of tickets I have night reserved for. Is that new?

Oh that’s weird. Let me go check on this!

Thanks for checking on your end!

Not sure it matters but I’m looking at november 2022.

Yeah I see that too. Weird.

I guess with park ressies, it kind of makes sense. Onsite guests get priority, so it will prevent folks from booking 3 nights on site, buying 10 day tix, and then being able to book the other 7 from the tix associated with their onsite? It will also force folks to buy new tix (more spenny than adding days) if they are going offsite. Win win for Disney

But man that is rough, particularly for split stays.

And for those who are only just now booking vs those who booked before that change.

Hoping others will chime in to share this as their experience too, and that someone somewhere will find a workaround?

Right financially split stays don’t work if this is the change. Ugh!

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Why do you have to do a package? Couldn’t you just buy the tickets and then the rooms? Bonus would be that you could buy the tickets from one of the discounters.

Well true I could. I just like that I can cancel a package.

We just buy tickets from UT, so the change doesn’t impact us. We haven’t found any financial benefit to buying the tickets from Disney direct unless you want to be able to cancel without the intention of coming back at another date.

Right, that’s my main motive is to be able to cancel if we had to, and not be tied up in this vacation.

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But your tickets are then paid in full upon booking, which is sometimes a deterrent for people. And they become nonrefundable, whereas in a package they are all included and cancelled with the room

Yes exactly, so I would book a package with the tickets so the tickets would be refunded.

I can see why Disney wants to make this harder but oof!

Looks like you’ve been #Chapeked


Maybe make a package reservation at the first place for entire stay. Then a room-only reservation at the second place. Room-only can be cancelled easily. Then contact Disney and try to get the first reservation shortened.

Ha yes I have been!

As not a frequent visitor these changes really do add up and make this a lot less magical. Oof!

@shawthorne44 I’m thinking of calling and seeing if they can book it with tickets covering the whole stay.

I’ll report back!


I had the same problem. I called and they were easily able to add tickets for my whole stay.



Wow great feedback thanks

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Ok so seems like I really should call.

Follow up question.

Thinking of booking 11/4-11/13- this week includes Election Day, Veterans Day And presumably jersey week. Will we regret going this week? Kids will miss less school then previous plan.

I did call And they are able to override so you can add tickets for the full length of your stay. :sweat_smile: