Split Stay Between Kidani and Jambo - getting to cute? Updated!

I will start by saying that a month ago I had to cancel my trip to DLR for this June. With the park opening up (and a stressful week) my urge to plan something Disney is high. So that brings me to my WDW trip in December.

I bought DVC in April 2020 (have not used it yet) - my home resort is AKL. Despite the insanity that is going to be WDW this Christmas, we have booked a trip for December 26-January 1 and I am so excited as I have never been at Christmas. I spent a long time deciding between Jambo House and Kidani.

Ultimately, I decided on Jambo House for the following reasons: Christmas decorations, access to quick service, and the studios are comparable to Kidani (when we stay at a one bedroom, we will stay Kidani, so why not stay Jambo now?)

Currently I have it booked as a split stay at Jambo so I can try to waitlist for Poly or BWV for the 30th and 31st, and if I don’t get it, I will merge the reservations. Today I got the crazy idea that I should make it a split stay between Jambo and Kidani so that we could try out both resorts, and REALLY because I want a perfect 2nd floor view of the Savannah - th e only drawback to Jambo for this trip.

Is this planning for the sake of planning? I have broken trips with over planning. Is it silly to move my family a quarter mile down the road during a slammed week in order to test drive both our resorts and see the giraffes up close (if they cooperate)? or if this fun? It would be a 4 day/2day split. Thanks for your thoughts on a frivolous topic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :giraffe:

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I’m not sure it has the potential to gain you enough to be worth the hassle?

And if for some reason you like the Jambo room better than the Kidani, I’d feel kind of foolish.


Not worth it for that short a time in each room, IMO.

You can visit KIdani. Book Sanaa, go out on the outlook and use the night time goggles if they’re back. Try out the community hall. Check out the pool area and take a look at the Pembe Savannah.

And that’s another thing. You could end up overlooking Pembe and have no giraffes. If that’s important to you it would be a disappointment.

But I see no point in moving.

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See - I come here for the reasoning - my planning finger was itching to book something different. We will definitely go to Sanaa - that was something I had to promise in order to book at Jambo. But maybe we will use that as an opportunity to check out the pool and community hall so my family can decide where were want to stay in the future.

So now I can just wait a month and use that planning brain to try to get into a MK or EP resort for NYE!


I love a split stay, but even I wouldn’t split between Jambo and Kidani. :laughing: I would, though, if Poly or BW opens up!


It really is splitting the stay simply to split the stay!

Full disclosure, I also have a Dolphin resort view with balcony reservation as my back up to Poly or BWV! So I think I am also trying to give myself an alternative that uses points not $$.


I don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze, in this case. It’s really easy to walk between them, I’d just pick one and stay put.

I agree you should stay put. Every move costs time in packing, bell services, waiting for your new room to be available, bell services again, unpacking, and other logistics. Call it 3 hours + a headache. Use that 3 hours instead to explore the resort, go to Sanaa, even visit the Kidani pool if you want.

I love split stays for various reasons, but this isn’t one I would recommend.

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I personally don’t think a split stay has ever been a negative for me. I am doing a 3/1 split my next trip because I am hoping for a 2nd floor view at Kidani to show my sister.

Is that experience “worth it” for everyone? No- but it is for me.

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I really love split stays and I would love to compare the “feel” of the resorts. My biggest hesitancy is, because of the high crowds we will probably rope drop, followed by afternoon naps and then evenings at the parks. And my husband loves Disney as long as I keep it “relaxing” - making sure he is happy is how we keep coming back. So that time out of the room might be more of a pain than otherwise. But I am not above napping (or relaxing) in the community hall…

Thanks for all the input!

My husband put the kibosh on an intra-AKL split stay, But then suggested that if I wanted to plan so badly, that I should use some points we thought we were going to lose and take my daughter on a short trip for a weekend in July. Wise man! When I bought in April 2020, we inherited 28 points from 2019 with a Sept UY and hadn’t been able to use with the pandemic.

So now I have 2 nights at Boulder Ridge, a flight booked with points at the end of July - so there is plenty to plan without over planning :joy:


He’s a keeper! :laughing:

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Indeed! And he said it nicely, I realize it kind of sounds like he is saying it sarcastically LOL

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I think you’re spot on to take it as a serious suggestion whether he intended it to be serious or not! :laughing:

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